Living in Peace : WOTD

Good morning everyone! Sending love and positive thoughts your way this morning!

If you have a minute, walk outside.. take a deep breathe and give thanks to God for another day of life.

I have been working on a piece for you guys regarding the planetary alignment that has been occurring the past few weeks. As I was writing it last night, things came up and have prolonged the post.

At 3:30am, my family and I were completely sleep & we were disrupted by a loud banging on the door by a few cops.

In complete confusion.. we’re wondering why are they at our house.

My dog continued to bark hysterically, which he had good reason to.

I put my dog upstairs in the bathroom as they continued to bang on the door.

We finally go outside and they notify us that my car was broken into along with 3 other cars on our street.

I was completely taken back because I have grown up in that neighborhood my whole life and we have never had any thief or problems as such in that area.

Apparently I left my car door unlocked (which I NEVER do but things happen…)

They told me that everything in my glovebox was taken out. I immediately broke down because I thought my daily planner was in there and I write EVERYTHING in it.

From what I eat that day to who I talked to… the alignment of the sky.. EVERYTHING.

Thank God I actually left my planner at work. Nothing vital was removed from my car. Even the change in my car was still there. Very weird.

The only thing I noticed missing was my little sister’s heavy cardboard box full of “garden dirt” that she uses for her plants. 😂 it was an extremely hefty box and since it was in the middle of the night, they probably thought there was something valuable in it.


I was thrown off this morning by the incident but I instantly knew it was an attack from the enemy. Nothing else. I always take it personal when I am attacked spiritually because I can’t physically fight or cut the devil so the ways of altercation have to be produced in a different way. Spiritually.

By the time i went back to sleep I only had 40mins until it was time to get up for work. (5am for me) 😩

I got dressed as normal, walked to my car…

stood outside looking up in the stars…

Then gave God the praise for His amazing grace and favor.

It could have been so much worse… my car could’ve been damaged or stripped to nothing.

I drove all the way to work giving God the praise that He deserves. My mood uplifted, I was no longer concerned about the situation…

I truly asked and instantly received the peace that Christ graciously provides.

I want to be an testimony for you guys… yes we all have problems and go through turmoil but it will NOT last always. God is for us, who can be against us.

Keep your heads up, as will I! Walk in peace, do not let the devil steal your joy!!!!

I will post about the planets + blood moon tomorrow. Enjoy your Thursday!!! God Bless. ❤️❤️❤️

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