Foodie Post : Pinwheeled Steaks

Sooooo I am going to switch it up on this post today. 

You guys already know that I LOVEEEEE JESUS. 

What I also love is …. FOOOD!!!!! (Of course not in the same capacity as Jesus 😉) 

Yes. Yes. I am a foodie, Indeed. No shame in it either! 

The other night I was scrolling on Pinterest and discovered this recipe for pinwheeled steaks. I couldn’t help but to try it  out. 

The recipe called for: 

  1. A few “slabs” of flat iron skillet steak or steak that was cut very fine. 
  2. Cream cheese
  3. Green bell peppers 
  4. Slices of hard boiled egg
  5. Cilantro 
  6. Green onions
  7. Sun-dried tomatoes
  8. Frozen Spanish leaves 
  9. Olive oil

I couldn’t find the flat iron skillet cuts at Kroger so I substituted for a different cut that wasn’t too bulky. When I got home, I made sure to cut each slice in half to make it even finer (just in case). When it comes to stuffing anything, if it’s too much… all of the goodies that you’re trying to use will just fall right out. 

I used everything that the recipe called for except the sun dried tomatoes. I’m glad I left that out because it would’ve been too much on there. Lol

If you make this, be prepared to get your hands dirty. 🙂 

They also call for you to use a certain type of string or toothpicks to hold the product together. I used my hemp wick. It is THC free, very natural and durable as well. 

After an hour of being baked at 475 degrees, it was completed! I am truly in love with this meal. Definitely my all time favorite as of now. Only thing to make it better would be to wrap it in bacon! (Hint to self for next time 😍) 

(The picture below is how it looked before being fully cooked)

Highly recommend that you guys try it out! You will NOT be disappointed 😍

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