Something About Grace

Another day of beautiful grace! Each day that we see is a blessing itself. Think about all of the people who are starving, malnourished, and going without water for days at a time. Think about all of the people in this world who are going and living without a stable roof over their heads. The simplest things in life, are the best things to be thankful for. When I think about people in those categories, my heart breaks. I could not imagine living in such lack. Lack that was pretty much inherited. Lack that they did not earn themselves. Millions of children are born into such a struggle. I pray for those kids. I pray that they keep their spirits lifted. If only, all believers helped and uplifted a group of strangers everyday, who knows what great things would come about.

On this particular Saturday morning, I was craving something sweet as well as, craving coffee from Starbucks. The Holy Spirit told me to go and enjoy a Sonic slush & Starbucks. So I drove to the Starbucks location first. Nevertheless, I wanted both drinks, I simply didn’t want to PAY for both of them. Lol I know I am not the only one who thinks about having multiple treats but don’t feel like investing our money into it. Since I was already in the drive-thru of Starbucks, I continued to proceed anyway. I ordered my grande café mocha drink. I slowly pull up to the window to pay for the drink.

The cashier says “OK. You’re total is $4… wait. Actually the lady in front of you paid for it.” GLORY be to God!! His favor is limitless. He loves his children so much. He wants us to live in abundance and not of fear or lack. Make your request known to God my friends. He is BIGGER than any situation we face on this earth. He is for us, not against us. If he was against us, we would not be here today you guys. He could easily get rid of all of us on this earth and start with more perfect creations if it was his will. Keep that in mind.

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