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Verse of the Day : Romans 5: V. 3-4

Today’s verse of the day via bible app is Romans 5:3-4. I initially read this during the midnight hour last night and will continue to actively meditate on this verse thought my day.

There’s so much truth to it! I love it. Though we go through certain tribulations, we must continue to rejoice… expecting greatness by the second. We serve a Mighty Great God! Take out time of your day to give thanks unto The Lord. Here is another day that was not promised. I hope all of my readers have an amazing Wednesday. We’re almost through the work week. Stay encouraged!! 😃❤️

And not only this, but [with joy] let us exult in our sufferings and rejoice in our hardships, knowing that hardship (distress, pressure, trouble) produces patient endurance; and endurance, proven character (spiritual maturity); and proven character, hope and confident assurance [of eternal salvation].”

‭‭ROMANS‬ ‭5:3-4‬ ‭AMP‬‬

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Meant for Evil but Turned Out for Their Good!

Two weekends ago, I was led to go about the remaining week by participating in an “no social mediafast (no Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat). I never include WordPress because the community is different than my other social outlets. There are times, like others; where I get way too involved on my phone. As the internet has progressed, it can be a great tool but also toxic at the same time.

I’m sure most of us end up spending our days doing things that we could do without. Such as overly online shopping, always checking on the latest celebrity news.. etc. Constantly clouding our minds up with ways of the world. Swirling in the depths of worldly consuming.

When I get called to do a fast, I always participate in daily communion with The Lord. Heavily meditating on His word. While steadily praying a particular list of prayers. Each day and each night.


3 years ago, when I was lead to do this. I asked The Lord to grant me the gift to dream/visions such of:

  • The truth of what is currently going on in my life and this world.
  • Kindly reveal what is to come of my life and this world as well.

So as I asked, I received.


During last week of the fast, I sought out to ask the same list of prayers with a few more added onto it.

  • Help me Lord to love others as you do.
  • Lord, continue to strengthen me through this tribulation.
  • I pray that I cross paths with others who love you Lord.
  • Befriend those who are believers, who are artists and passionate about their calling. Inspiring me more ways than one. ❤️

Early last week, I distinctly remember being actively involved in a dream that involved an terror attack in NYC. I was in this huge glass building that was right next to Central Park while something horrific was going on in the city. Pedestrians fleeing in fear. Possible mass shooting?

Although I have never been in person before, Central Park has this rustic, gritty fence lined around that is undeniably it’s trademark.

When you normally have a dream, it’s more than likely in first person (like you’re living it out). While I was in first person… I had no idea that I was in a particular city. It looked like I was in some random ginormous/sophisticated building. 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

It wasn’t until I was given the final third person view, that I knew it took place in NYC. The Lord made sure I made note of the unforgettable park in the middle of it all.

As I woke up, I began to rebuke what I have seen. Praying that the enemy would be stopped within its tracks. I wasn’t sure what to do with the information but to tell my support system (my family) and continue to rebuke such an action from taking place. My family continued to do the same as well.

Yesterday, my older sister messaged me with some news that put me into a solemn shocked state.

I received a text from her stating that there was an attack within New York City. An attack that included a bomb that was intended to go off in one of the subway’s in the city.

Instead of the bomb going off as the attacker’s planned, it malfunctioned and prematurely went off upon the suspect. Leaving this cowardly suspect alive to be within custody of the NYC police which will follow with indictment.

My jaw instantly dropped in shock. Yet, I was enormously relieved that:

  1. The attack was not a mass shooting like I suspected from my dream.
  2. What the DEVIL MEANT FOR HARM, ENDING UP TURNING FOR THE GOOD of those who were in the surrounding areas. 👏🏾

The natural thought came to mind, “was that pure coincidence?No. I do not believe in coincidences. Timing is everything and everything happens for a reason.

I give thanks to God for being sovereign, constantly protecting everyone; even if they realize it or not. It was also a lesson/reminder for myself to never doubt the power of prayer. Prayer holds more spiritual significance beyond our fleshly understanding.

Thankfully there are other believers as well who constantly pray that the devil’s wicked plans to be diminished and destroyed on the daily basis. Whatever is heavy on your heart and spirit… meditate to seek the reasoning of why. Never know what The Lord may want you to do.

Goodnight everyone!


Alyssa ( The Ascender) ❤️

Verse of The Day: Psalm 9:1

As we get closer to Thanksgiving, keep in mind of the things that you are grateful for the most! Give thanks to The Lord for such things. Make sure to enjoy the time around your loved ones!!! Don’t forget to eat good as well. 😃


Verse of the day: “I will give thanks and praise the LORD, with all my heart; I will tell aloud all Your wonders and marvelous deeds.”

Psalm 9:1 AMP


Poem: At Peace

“Growing at peace.

With myself.

With life.

With the Divine power of the Holy Spirit.

No matter the time.

No matter the place.

God’s trickling anointing continuously shimmers in my face.

It shines even during the “darkest” times of the night.

There to comfort me…

…To encourage me.

…To bring provision.

Oh! How I want to explore it beyond the limits of my flesh.

Years ago,

Praying that God would ascend me.

Delivering me from this crooked world.

Just like Enoch.

Just like Elijah.

I am an alien

I am foreign.

But surely not torn.

Realizing that there is more work to be done.

Strapped with the armor of Christ.

With my breastplate of righteousness.

With The Word as my sword,

With God by side,

I am unstoppable.

I am at peace with myself.”

– by TheAscender: written 11/20/17 ❤️

Poem : Waiting by God’s Door

“As time continues to go on,

My Spirit is being more compelled,

To my TRUE Divine calling.

I have been preserved by the grace of God,

To be where I am now.



Now as I analyze my life,

I am at a crossroads that I’ve came to before.

Corporate America.

Slaving for the man.

The system.

Partaking in things that do not help the Kingdom of God.



Consuming parts of the world,

When my Spirit wants to active who I truly am.



Waiting for it to pick up.



Fly…. onto greater.


Divine greatness. One day soon.

Waiting by God’s door…. to open.”

– by TheAscender : written on 11/17:17 ❤️

< em>Inspired by true events of my life. While working for the system, I’d rather be out working for The Lord. Being a missionary. Changing lives. I did not apply for this job or duty. I was called by God to do so. Waiting for His Door of opportunity to open.

Poem : Windows


Opportunities at arms reach.

Desperately awaiting to be on the other side.

Not only being tempted of the greatness,

But ever so wanting to participate.

Anointing flowing around me,

…… Within me.

Feeling powerful,

Yet so helpless.

Ready for the window to open.

Waiting for God’s command to open,

The sweet aroma of something new.”

– by TheAscender : Written 11/17/17 ❤️❤️

Seeking Wisdom : Proverbs 4

Good Morning Fellow Readers,

Although I am currently at work, I am beginning my day with this word from the book of Proverbs and a cup of coffee (of course) lol.


The beginning of wisdom is: Get [skillful and godly] wisdom [it is preeminent]! And with all your acquiring, get understanding [actively seek spiritual discernment, mature comprehension, and logical interpretation].

‭‭PROVERBS‬ ‭4:7‬ ‭AMP‬‬


Whatever comes our way today, we have to ensure not to lean into our own understanding on the situation. Instead, mediate and talk to God regarding it. Do not let the it steal your PEACE that has been established within you!


Have a great Thursday everyone!

Aliyah Day : What A Prophetic Birthday! 102717

Yesterday was the last day of October in 2017.  I can say it truly was a fantastic month!!!!! My love for October doesn’t just come from the delightful thoughts of the fair, falling leaves, cool air & pumpkin spice lattes.

It comes from the fact that I was born on the 27th of October (which was last Friday). So, naturally it’s dear to my heart.

My birthday this year, fell on the Israeli holiday called “Aliyah Day” (YomHaAliyah) 🇮🇱. Aliyah in Hebrew means to “ascend / go up“. I am still completely mind blown due to the fact that “The Ascender” is the prophetic name that God gave/revealed to me over two years ago. 

Aliyah Day represents the day that the Israelites entered the promise land with the Ark of the Convenant. (A day full of compromise and fulfillment!!)

As you know prior to this day, Moses and the Israelites escaped from the grip of Pharoh’s hand by the grace of God! Crossing through the Jordan into a new journey of life. Other situations happened afterwards, wondering all around the promise land (40yrs) before actually getting to it. 

So my birthday being on Aliyah Day….. WOW 😮 



As a kid when you think about your birthday, you always wonder what gifts you will be receiving that year. I know that I used to get so obsessive over my birthday, I really had to learn to calm it down. lol

I used to get so crazed about birthday’s…. I even made my parents give me presents on my SISTER’S birthday’s too. 

haha It’s safe to say, I no longer do that nor is my mindset like that. 


NOW … this birthday was surely one of the GREATEST gifts that I could possibly ask for. 

(Best part about it… I didn’t even ask!!)

I believe everything that happens has meaning to it. 

No coincidences.
This prophetic day had three consecutive 7’s within the date on the American and Hebrew calendar:

  • October 27th, 2017 – Turning 25 (2+5=7) : 777
  • 7 Cheshvan 5778 : 777

With 7 being the spiritual representation of completion and finished work… I know there is greatness in the midst of manifestation. 

As some know, I have a true love for nature and the great outdoors. I wanted to spend time within God’s nature on my birthday.

Welp….. weather convinced me otherwise. 

In Texas, it was 34 degrees as the low. Extremely windy and cloudy throughout the entire day! Freezing rain even began to pour out of nowhere. I honestly tried to rebuke the weather so I can do what I intended. 


It was interesting that out of the whole month, MY day so happened to be the coldest day of October. Yet, the next two days were gloriously sunny and radiant. Again, I asked The Lord for understanding of such. 

  • Friday – super cold/cloudy : drastic change
  • Saturday – sunny/warm 
  • Sunday – gloriously warm/sunny : high 80s

It was a subtle reminder to myself that Jesus was crucified on a Friday but joy rolled on through that Sunday! 😊

We all know that Halloween was yesterday. I actually used to celebrate my birthday and Halloween at once. It made it easier to have parties that had “great” turn outs. As I began walking closer with The Lord, I had to re-analyze my intentions of doing such a thing.

  • Does it align with God?
  • Does it please God?
  • Why am I celebrating my birth of a great, bountiful life with the world’s way of celebrating sorcery, witchcraft .. etc?

No matter how much my friends pressed me to combine the two this year, I did not give in. 😇 

What’s for the world, isn’t best for ME

All in all, I had a great birthday month. I got to hang out with the people I love the most. My family bought me a kayak of my own. I got to see another year that was not promised. Thank you God for that! Aliyah Day 2017 will always hold such a precious meaning in my heart and spirit. ❤️❤️❤️

Verse of The Day : Oct. 4th

One out of many things that I like about the Bible app, is how they show your “streak” of how many days you’ve used their app. It’s actually a great method that’s helped me to get into the word even more. 

I always set countless reminders on my phone to read the word first thing when I wake up or during the middle of the day. This streak count is perfect for me. It actually gets my competitiveness going; making sure I do whatever it takes not to lose my streak lol. 😅 
Tonight I’m ending with the verse of the day. It comes from the book of Hebrews. It shines light on something that I consistently ask The Lord for help on. 

Compassion / True Agape (Godly Love). 

As humans, we only have so much energy to deal with people. 

Not to mention, sometimes it’s hard to love others especially when some of them “make your skin crawl”. Lol 

Side note: “skin crawling” comes from the flesh. 

No matter the case, I have to separate my spirit from the thoughts of my flesh. 😌 I find myself asking for this fruit of the Holy Spirit because I can use as much as I can get. 

Best thing about it all, Jesus has more than enough agape to go around. 

Simply by asking our sweet Savior, I notice such a swift refreshment in my spirit. Now, not only wanting to do good for others & love them… but actually walking it out. 💜

Have a good night everyone!!!! 

Do not neglect to do good, to contribute [to the needy of the church as an expression of fellowship], for such sacrifices are always pleasing to God.

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