During my life, I went from being extremely selfish to having love for complete strangers on the street. I can truly say it is only possible because of this new outlook on life that God has given me. I used to complain about my day to day struggles. Failing to realize having a sturdy roof over my head was more than a blessing. I recently discovered the joy in giving to others who are in need. Not everyone is blessed enough to have a reliable car that will take them one place to the next. I could name thousands of “little” scenarios that others would consider a miracle for possessing. I am at the point in life where I cannot turn a cold shoulder to those going without. In the bible, it tells us that it is more blessed to give than receive. I now know exactly what it means.

Two years ago, my family and I started sponsoring a little boy in the continent of Africa. His particular country is called Tanzania. His only surviving family member is his grandmother who often struggled to make it by. He was only 4 years old at the time. They did not give us much background on him, but he did mention the many miles they had to walk just to reach a pond of water. Water where the community’s wild animals drank and made waste in. For us in the United States, we have access to tap water at every corner. We turn to a blind eye failing to realize how many people would die just to have the same opportunity. I plan to visit my sponsored brother and sister in the near future. I would love to help more children just like them along the way.

Not only can I make a difference for those malnourished kids in other countries but here in America as well. Every city has thousands of homeless people going day to day without a shred of hope. Later on this year, I will start my foundation which will help more and more people on the streets. I would love to give out scholarships, food, water and other supplies as well. Whatever I can do while I am here on earth, I will do it.

I started doing this thing I call, The Disciple Challenge. I will personally hand-write cards of hope and wisdom and give them to people who are in need. Sometimes I will insert some money and spare change as well. With the chaos going on in society, people think kindness is dead. I am here to spread a new message of hope. Not only is kindness still around but so is my God!








 Any day we could be called back to our home of paradise. Our home in heaven. While I am here, I have vowed to do the best I can to make sure people have hope and know in their hearts that they are loved by the creator himself.