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Hello everyone!!

Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Alyssa Moore. I am the CEO and Founder of The Ascender’s Touch Organization.

I started this wonderful blog back in 2015 and here I am… determined to make a difference one post at a time! With encouraging words of hope, truth, and love. 

My life has not always been a piece of cake or a walk in the park. I was very stubborn growing up. I wanted everything to go my way instead of God’s way. I have been through many ups and downs in life. I am sure you can relate as well. One thing I can say, each tribulation we face, molds us into the beings we are meant to be. Many refuse to learn from their past mistakes.  Don’t be one of those people.

This blog contains the current events of the organization, samples from my future book, daily devotionals, and much more! I have been working on this for over four years now.

Believe it or not… my life changed drastically around that very time.

I boldly asked God for specific spiritual gifts and was given the gift of prophetic dreams/visions. My mission is to be a blessing unto others. Letting them know that the God we serve has no limits! Whatever you want in this life, you can easily obtain those things. As long as it aligns with the will of God and your intentions are pure. 

Continue to have faith! Hope for the great, expect the EXCELLENT👍

21 thoughts on “About Our Founder

  1. “…each tribulation we face molds us into the beings we are meant to be.” Praise God you know this at age 23! Our transformation occurs via righteous suffering, i.e. the fellowship of sharing in His sufferings… May the Lord continue to richly bless you dear sister!

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  2. Great to see a fellow child of God. It’s great to get to know you and understand who you were called to be in Christ. Your gift of prophetic visions/dreams will help to inspire and give people the courage to stand-out and not be afraid of what society says about them and show others the wonders of God.

    I liked your statement saying, ” One thing I can say, each tribulation we face, molds us into the beings we are meant to be.”

    This is going to be a great post to remember for me because there are times when I feel down but I have to remember that each trial just brings me closer to who God has called me to be.

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  3. Hello God’s Warrior! I can’t help but to keep re-reading your comment this morning. 🙂 It has come very dear to my heart and I truly appreciate your kind feedback.

    Indeed, the trials that come about are to help us learn and grow; forming a closer relationship to God. I am so happy that God is allowing me to provide insight on a few of His vast wonders; Which I hope continues to inspire many to expect abundant miracles to happen because Greatness surrounds them.

    Thank you again and stay Blessed my friend!


  4. Hi! My name is J-Fre, and I am new to this WordPress thing. I sensed from Holy Spirit that I am called to write this blog that I have to help people. I was wondering if you could give me some tips on how to be successful on here and network.

    Blessings in Christ

    – J-fre

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    1. Hello J-Fre! Welcome to WordPress and nice to meet you. My name is Alyssa. 🙂 the best advice I could give for having a successful blog is just to make it your own. If you are compelled to write/post on certain topics by The Holy Spirit.. do it. Even if they are controversial to the world. It will help you grow. Just make your readers be able to relate to what you are discussing and just have fun with it. Give feedback to the blogs that you read and follow the ones that inspire you. They will end up doing the same! ❤️

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  5. I truly enjoyed reading your story. I could never imagine you would start something like this. Simply amazing! God has big plans for you! Just follow your heart and you will see the fruits that you have planted along the way. You have “Seeds of Greatness.”

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