Focus On The Good

Good Morning beautiful people! As we all know and are aware of the turmoil that is going on around the world. I want to spread a positive reminder to spend today focusing on the GOOD! It is there; thanks to Jesus Christ. He is our hope and our foundation for why we can walk around this dark world with our heads held high!

As a black woman in America, the current times are mentally harder than they have been previously. I am witnessing a constant cycle of my people being hunted down and killed. A true modern-day lynching on top of a global pandemic. The cycle of modern-day lynching is escalating and the murderers are NOT being held accountable for their actions by our government or local police departments. It is disheartening nevertheless and it is easy to get trapped into the enemies ploy if I let that stop me from seeing the good that God has planted into my life.

I am continuing to pray for active change, not only in America but globally. I am going to give thanks for the moments that I have been given. A new day. Fresh air. Free nature abounds around us all. I did not have to wake up this morning but God made sure that I did. It is for a purpose and not a small one.

Regardless of what it may look like, I know God is with us firsthand. African Americans are not forgotten and we will continue to rise from the ashes! I highly encourage anyone else who is feeling overwhelmed to take out time to focus on their mental health. You are worth it! This is not the end! 🤍


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