Reblog: He WILL Strengthen Us 💚

Today, I’m posting one of my favorite blog posts that I wrote from last Spring. It is called “He Will Strengthen Us“. I read this thoroughly last night and it is a great word that truly freshened my spirit. Thank God He led me to read this previous post. It was much needed! 

Check out a preview down below and click the link to read the rest!img_3322-1

“I am finding myself on my knees more & more … meditating & giving thanks to our Heavenly Father.

2 weeks into practicing yoga, it’s truly helped me with things that I didn’t notice before.

Such as having anxiety while I’m driving or in traffic. The breathing practices have broken down what was built up before.

Focusing on the present.

That I am safe.

I am loved.

I am sought after.

God and His angels are hovering over me, around me & before me.

Each step that I take, He is already there.”

Read More of The Original Post Here: 💚

2019 has been one of the most interesting, yet divine years that I have experienced thus far!

As I posted before about my 7 month long jaw surgery recovery, I was not able to physically talk to The Lord like usual during this time. Talking to Jesus is crucial in my relationship with Him. Yes, He knows all that we think before hand but speaking to Him is far deeper than what some may think.

During recovery, my face was swollen, my mouth was wired in weird places… I found myself stuck in my head more than my norm. It was WEIRD (to say the least). Due to my body feeling weak and due to the pain that I was experiencing, I was not 100% in-tune. I stopped writing on WordPress, which was huge to me. Sharing my spiritual experiences with you all gives me great joy. When I write, I write as The Lord guides me to do so. 

Now that I am feeling more like myself each and every day, I am seeking to rejuvenate myself with The Lord like before. Re-positioning my mind, energy, and daily habits back on Him. I’ll be continuing to re-read my previous blog posts to give myself a fresh insight on who I truly am in Christ. 

To those who read and follow my blog, I just want to say THANK YOU! It means more than you know. Have a lovely Wednesday! May it get better and better by the second. God bless! 



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