How To Donate – Children’s Christmas Donation Drive

Good morning you all!

It’s a fresh new week coming ahead of us! I hope that everyone enjoyed their weekend!

Yesterday, I posted about my organization’s Christmas Donation Drive for children of Dallas, TX. We’re currently accepting toys, books, games and more for a local children’s center that aid those who have been affected by child abuse.


As we know, what occurs during our childhood have a great impact within our lives. My heart goes out to the children not only at this center, but to those all over the world who are undergoing such a horrible occurrence. 

For those who are not in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, there is still an opportunity to donate to the cause. We have CashApp and Venmo for electronic donations. All donations that are received electronically will be kept up with for tax purposes. We’ll also notify you what exactly your donation brought to the cause.

Your support with mean a lot! Anything that is donated will be much appreciated. 

Feel free to message me on here, or the organization via Facebook, Instagram, or email! 

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