National Suicide Prevention Tip #1: BeTheOneTo ASK

My organization and I are still highlighting #NationalSuicidePreventionMonth. #BeThe1To is a Suicide Prevention organization that provides 5 action steps on how to help a loved one or stranger through their struggle.

Today’s tip is #BeThe1ToAsk : Asking the question “Are you thinking about suicide?” communicates that you’re open to speaking about suicide in a non-judgmental and supportive way. Asking in this direct, unbiased manner, can open the door for effective dialogue about their emotional pain and can allow everyone involved to see what next steps need to be taken. Other questions can include “How do you hurt?” and “How can I help?”.

The flip side of the “Ask” step is to “Listen.” Make sure you take their answers seriously and not to ignore them, especially if they indicate they are experiencing thoughts of suicide. Listening to their reasons for being in such emotional pain, as well as listening for any potential reasons they want to continue to stay alive, are both incredibly important when they are telling you what’s going on. Help them focus on their reasons for living.

Of course being there for them during the time that they need you most is extremely important. We all have our own lives but, we as believers are assigned to do so.

It could make a difference between life or death.

Check out for more!

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