The Ascender’s Touch 1-Year Anniversary, May 10th

Today is the BIG day! Happy 1st anniversary to The Ascender’s Touch (as an organization) !!!! 🌈✨

It’s amazing that in 2015, I was being called from the world and into a intimate life with Christ. After leaving all that I knew and all that my flesh desired… God told me that greater was in store.

Daily I asked The Lord for dreams and visions of what my life would be like in the near future and behold… He gave me a gift of prophecy that still blows my mind. He told me that I would be called “The Ascender”. I had no idea what that meant at the time and the that it withholds. During such a journey of walking with Him, my fleshly desires became no more as He helped me walk in The Spirit on all things.

I wrote a book describing my heavenly gift that He gracious gave me. I knew the world was not ready to read my full blown writings at that time. Even the few “Christians” that I shared it with said that I would be called crazy and checked into a mental home. I’ll never forget it and I know more may say the same once it’s released later this year. Until then, God led me to create this blog instead until timing became perfect.

During those 3 years from 2015 to 2018, The Lord helped me gather everything that was needed to officially create the Non-Profit Organization.

Last May our four directors unified together in Jesus name, dedicating to uplift the hearts of the community one day at a time. 💛

We’re celebrating by spreading the good message of love, hope, and joy on this lovely Friday! We‘ll be giving out care kits to local homeless in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area tomorrow afternoon.

I strongly encourage you all to give back in the community somehow, someway this weekend. Whether it’s a card filled with words of encouragement or scriptures reciting the love of Christ. ✨

You’d be surprised how such a gesture can make someone’s day. If you do partake, hashtag #TheAscendersChallenge and we’ll make sure to post it!! 😇

Feel free to follow us on Instagram and Like us on Facebook.

I am very thrilled for what is in store for the organization. Many lives will be touched and saved in the name of Jesus. This is only the beginning!!! ☺️🌈✨

4 thoughts on “The Ascender’s Touch 1-Year Anniversary, May 10th

  1. woohoo!! praise God for his mighty awesome works in your life. He is faithful. Well done for stepping out in faith and obedience to God’s calling and sharing your gift and calling with the world. May God continue to direct you and your directors and may you all continue to grow in faith and knowledge of our Lord Jesus and greater revelation of Him and His Word

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