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I was nominated by GailLovesGod! (See her original post here) Thank you Gail, I am honored. Your spirit and so loving and kind! β˜ΊοΈπŸ’›βœ¨

The Rules:
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3. List and picture at least seven of your favorite things.
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My 7 Favorite Things! In no particular order!
(This should JUST 7 of my favorite things because God’s blessings are too many to count. They are infinite! The are a delight to share and praise!)


1. I love that I have been redeemed by the Most High! πŸ™ŒπŸΎβœ¨

More than anything, I am completely grateful and thankful that Jesus came down here on earth to be the sacrificial lamb of God. Redeeming not only me, but all of us from sin itself. An act made out of love, so that we may all inherit eternal life.

Valentines Day 021419-01

2. I love that God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit have unconditional love for me!πŸ’•

It’s coming upon the 4th anniversary of when I truly started to walk with The Holy Spirit. At this time, I was at the lowest point of my life. People who I counted on showed their true colors and were used as ploys of the enemy. During this tribulation, it was a blessing in disguise. It brought me to higher ground and understanding that the wings of God, His powerful anointing, and unconditional love would never cease! This love that I am speaking about goes beyond my natural understanding. There are times where I messed up and I thought God would leave. He never did nor will He ever. In comparison to people, they will always let you down but God and His love never fail. Thank you Jesus!


3. I love the precious spiritual gifts that God has given me.πŸ˜‡βœ¨

This goes in hand with the question listed above. When I became closer to God, I knew that anything we asked in the name of Jesus will be done, as long as it aligns with His word. Nothing is too little for Him to do. So during that time, I constantly asked Jesus to provide me spiritual gifts of visions/dreams of what my life would be like in the near future, as well as, what would come of this world. After weeks of praying this prayer, surely I say…. He made it happen for me a thousand times more than what I asked! Not only were prophetic visions/dreams given, but also was gifted to steadily see His Holy Spirit gracefully take presence within the natural atmosphere around us . Truly amazing!


4. I love the word of God! πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

Although we have been gifted to receive The Holy Spirit, I love that God made a way for us to know about the history and beginning stages of the word. From Genesis all the way to Revelations. The word provides so much insight and I am thankful that God gave the disciples the initiative to document the godly wisdom that was given to them. I LOVE how the word is relevant to every situation we face here on earth. It provides so much direction and it’s a vital piece of life altogether.



2016-03-01 21.33.19img_8982


5. I love how The Lord created me to be unique and creatively talented!πŸ₯°

I’ve always been really creative and loved some forms of art. Another piece of who I’ve become, stems from asking God to help me proclaim and exalt Him in everything that I do. Whether it be from singing, drawing, writing, or dancing… I wanted God to receive the glory from it all. As I was gifted to see various parts of the Holy Spirit, I wanted to draw and sketch what I saw to give others an idea of what was being shown. God is an amazing artist and my skills will never compare to His (lol) but I simply asked that He help me develop my art skills to eventually give understanding to others. I still have some work to do, but He is helped me without a doubt. Even the logo for my organization was inspired from God Himself.


The picture above is of myself, along with my older and younger sister. I cannot express enough how favored I am to be born into a faith based family that believes in Christ! I always grew up in the church and as most kids, I didn’t understand the value of church at the time. My mother didn’t just go to church to check it off her weekly list, she actually lived a Christ-filled life. As I got order and went to college, I always knew what the fundamentals of what a  growing relationship with Christ looked like. If anything, I could always open my bible to receive wisdom and understanding. I may not go to church every single weekend, but that doesn’t disregard the actual relationship that I have with Christ. If I didn’t come from such a background, I still could’ve been walking in the world lost.

7. I love basking within the free nature that God has given us! Kayaking, outdoor yoga, hiking… I love anything that deals with being in the ambiance of the Lord’s creations.🌍🌈🌊✨

Now this!!!! Everything on this list so far are truly my favorite things. Nature in itself, I absolutely adore it! I learned to respect and appreciate the freely given nature that God provides unto us. I like to bask in His presence as I’m outside doing various activities. I honestly, could stay outdoors 24/7 and be just fine. Lol There’s never a moment where I’m not at awe of the fact that us humans are smaller than a peck of salt, in comparison to this infinite galaxy that our world resides in. Thinking about the heavens, the millions of other galaxies, or the fact that we conduct in activities on this earth and how we don’t float away …. completely mind blowing to me. 🀯😯😯🀭 lol


Thank you to everyone who took out the time to read this!! God bless. I am praying that we all have a wonderful upcoming week!✨

My Nominees: πŸ™‚β˜ΊοΈ

Rebecca Brand of RebeccaBrand.Org

Celia Hales of Miracles Each Day

Cindy of A Dance Through The Psalms

Jennifer Espina of A Handful of Gladness

T.R. Noble of Inside Cup

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and anyone else who wants to do this tag… feel free to! πŸ™‚

Please know this Tag is meant to be a blessing,
maybe even a smile on your face… on your day!
Praying for each of one you! God loves you!

4 thoughts on “My 7 Favorite Things Tag Post! πŸ’›

  1. PTL! Congrats on your My 7 Favorite Things Tag, Alyssa! I absolutely loved reading your post! The many blessings and gifts that God shares with us makes all the difference in the world. SO glad you are able to find joy in yours! God loves you!
    PS… Thank you for kind words. To God be ALL the glory! πŸ™‚

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