Black History Month – 2019 ❤️💚🖤

To celebrate Black History Month, my organization has been honoring different black advocates and inventors throughout the entire month via Instagram and Facebook! ☺️

As we posted details about these honoree’s, we were actually learning more about the black community ourselves, as well. The school system in America does not focus nor teach students about African/African-American culture in the way that it teaches European culture.

Africans were originally forced over to this country into slavery; while being stripped of their historical heritage, native language and even their names.

Personally, as an African American woman, I have no idea of where my generational background comes from. Africa is a continent of MANY countries and hundreds of different languages. My last name may be “Moore” but truth of the matter is, my last name is from a slave owner. It would be almost impossible for me to find where my family is rooted from with the little information that was given to us. Unfortunately, that’s something that millions of African American people will never get back.

It’s important to show and teach others of the great efforts that the black community has contributed to. Representation is everything and the people that we have honored this month have truly inspired me and my family as well.

If you have time today, check out our Instagram or Facebook to learn more about these amazing people!! 🙌🏾 To those who already have, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! 😀👏🏾✨

God bless!!!! 💙


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