Gimme S’more ✨ Merry Christmas Everyone!

I wanted to post something quick, wishing all of my readers a Merry Christmas! 🎄💚❤️

Tomorrow is the day and as I sit by my fire pit… I can’t help but to reflect on WHO is the reason for the season, and His name is Jesus!! 😃🙌🏾

How wonderful!! Our creator went up and above for all of us. Give thanks to Him in this day and the next. He is more than worthy of it!

Side note: My sisters and I also started a new Christmas Eve tradition. Having s’mores, apple cider and hot chocolate by the fire pit! There’s nothing like it! 😍

All in all, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. Visit with your loved ones, eat your favorite holiday foods and continue to give thanks to our Lord and Savior! ☺️🙏💫

God bless everyone! 😃🙏

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