The Ascender’s Touch: 1st Donation Drive 💙


I am happy to announce that my Non-Profit Organization will be hosting an donation drive on January 19th, 2019!!🙌💙💚💛

With it being the holiday season and the New Year just around the corner; we would like to spread the message of the Lord, as well as, His compassion and love!🙏these items will be to aid the individuals who reside in the homeless community of Dallas, TX.  

We are currently accepting the following items as donations:

Winter clothing for men + women
Bottled Water
New packs of underwear
Cleansing/Baby wet wipes
Menstrual Supplies
And more!!! 

For the people who spend their days and nights on the streets, it is very easy for them to get discouraged and to fall back into old habits that result to self-destruction. 

This past weekend, my older sister and I helped out another local Non-Profit called “The Endless Potential Inc.” on their donation drive which aided the same community!

The event had a wonderful turn out!!😊

Everyone was very appreciative and thankful to see a flock of believers selfishly taking out their Saturday to be a blessing unto them. 

The main items that were requested the most were, blankets, pillows and hygiene items

Which makes perfect sense due to the dropping temperatures of the fall and upcoming winter season. Plus the lack of public restrooms for them to access cause hygienic issues. 

Our drive next month will be geared towards gathering these necessities for the homeless community. 

Feel free to contact us for more details on what other items you can donate. We will also set up times and days for us to retrieve these items from those who are in the area. 

For those who are not in the DFW area here in Texas, there will be another way that you can donate to the cause. ❤🌈

I will post information regarding a “Go Fund Me” page where 100% of the proceeds will be going towards these requested items.

We can all make a difference one day at a time. This donation drive is only the start. We would love to have you apart of it!!!

Have a great evening!! God bless you all! 💙✨ 

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