Mental Health : America

This world is continuing to spiral down a path where spiritual revival is more than crucial. As time goes on, we are seeing more & more people reject The Lord and follow their own fleshly ways.

Hate and anguish are being slurred & spilled glad-fully.


Without a second thought of question or concern.

Two topics that have been the touchiest lately are:

  • Guns/Gun Control
  • Mental Health/Illness

Mental health is a serious topic but no one ever wants to put Jesus in the picture. There are demons/evil spirits that lurk around this earth. But without the armor of God to stand against such things.. people are more prone to listening to these dark spirits.

Allowing these spirits to take them to treacherous depths in the mind… resulting in taking others lives or their own. Failing to realize that it will solve nothing!


If they believe or not… the fact is people are killing themselves and guns are not necessarily the reason to blame.

I used to want to be a psychiatrist growing up and I pursued it in college as well. I left that pathway because I did not agree with the ways of psych. Of course science + spiritual values do not correspond with each other.

When people are mentally going through something, psychs rather prescribe a medication that will do more damage/harm than anything.

See… I believe that demonic spirits do try to attach to people and are successful of that attachment.

Living in torment.

Pills + toxic medication that the government fabricated does not hold the keys of freedom for the mind/body/spirit.

As believers these are the days where we must take a stand for The Kingdom. Ministering to those who have fallen away or simply do not know Christ.

We must be an example to those people. Showing them The Light.

This does not mean to “jump down anyone’s throats” or force anyone to believe what we do. As we talk and walk… our demeanor should speak for itself.

  • Walking without fear of the future.
  • Steadily being patient and kind even when others do ya wrong.
  • Putting our lives in God’s hands and living out His will.
  • LOVE!!! Showing great extents of love towards others.

The list goes on.

Such ways will naturally make others question “How does she/he have it so good? Why are they never stressing out like I am? What are they doing differently?

The topic of gun control….

We have had guns for centuries now and this day in age it is a problematic subject.

America has a DARK history that proved being bullied at school is not a valid reason to shoot up a school, church.. etc.

African Americans were spit at, teases, killed, …etc as they progressively stood up for equality in the educational system.

Every day they faced hate right in the eyes and behaved theirselves in the best manner possible.

We could talk all day along about this. We could remove guns altogether but people who are purposely trying to cause harm to others will do it in another form if the other isn’t available.

Homemade bombs + knives.. etc.

Please take a moment to pray for this world we live in and for others to be drawn to the light of Christ.

These prayers are desperately needed and the world is only going to get worse. We as believers need to keep on Amor of Christ fastened for the ride.

Have a blessed day everyone!

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