Came As A Ransom for Many ✨

What a week we have ahead of us. This week is very important and withholds so much meaning.

We prepare and make way for the remembrance of what our Lord & Savior did for us over two thousand years ago.

This week so happens to be one of the most life changing weeks for myself. I was in a search for a house for about 4 months now. Got denied for THE HOUSE that my sister and I wanted sooo desperately. It was across the street from my favorite kayaking spot on the lake. Close to both of our jobs. Seemed to be the perfect house with an appealing price!

As time went by, the Holy Spirit was leading us away from the way that we thought would be “the way“.

Leading us onto something greater! Since we have spiritually matured over the years. We could clearly feel the discernment that was being provided.

As we wait for that greatness to unleash, I have to move out of my apartment by this Saturday afternoon.

Temporarily living with my mother 2 hours away from where I work.

As this week rolls through, I am reflecting on how Jesus felt during such a week.

Coming down as a ransom for many! What a Hero!

He knew what was to take place on Friday but also knew that He would overcome ALL come Sunday morning.

Heaven rejoicing!!!!

As our Lord overcame, so shall I.

It will be a tough week but I expect a great miracle and blessing to unleash into these realms sooner than later.

Whatever you are facing this week, keep this in mind! We are more than conquers through Jesus Christ!!!

Happy Monday! ❤️🌈✨

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