He WILL Strengthen Us

I am finding myself on my knees more & more … meditating & giving thanks to our Heavenly Father.

2 weeks into practicing yoga, it’s truly helped me with things that I didn’t notice before.

Such as having anxiety while I’m driving or in traffic. The breathing practices have broken down what was built up before.

Focusing on the present.

That I am safe.

I am loved.

I am sought after.

God and His angels are hovering over me, around me & before me.

Each step that I take, He is already there.

This, I knew before but practicing this type of meditation helped me implement it into my mind/spirit.

I remember precisely when I finally caved in for the first time and got on my knees in a plea with God. I told him that my life was His and asked for His help to walk in the divine will that He’s laid out for me.

It was around this VERY season. I was being leveled from one stage of life into the next.

After leaving alcohol, lust and partying alone, I was more in-tuned with The Lord. Which led me to this brand new experience with Him.

Timing and seasons hold sooo much meaning. I highly recommend to always reflect on how your life WAS and WHAT type of season it occurred in.

During that great time, there were also doors (aka negative situations) that opened that are JUST NOW closing. I had no idea that it would take “this long” but God’s timing is always perfect.

Now walking through, I can see the full completion of this particular “tribulation” circling in commencement.

Through prayer and meditation we can improve our conscious contact with God as we grow to understand Him, praying for wisdom & insight of His will for us and the power to carry that out.

During Old Testament days, devout Jews made an annual pilgrimage to the temple in Jerusalem for a time of special prayer and worship. When they continued their journey in spite of all obstacles, their strength was increased.

Although we may not make such pilgrimages today, our search to know God more intimately through recovery is in itself a journey. This faith journey may not be easy. Daily we will encounter rough roads of temptation. We may pass through waterless valleys of struggle and discouragement, but if we will persist in trusting and obeying God, He will strengthen us.

The psalmist ends his song by declaring in verse 10 that being a humble servant of God is far better than being one who serves wickedness. God promises to guide and shield those who seek Him and desire to know and obey Him. He will bestow grace, glory, and countless blessings on all who are His children.

As David used to pray 7 times a day, I dare you to challenge yourself (as I will be doing the same) to fully ASK for the very things that you seek & want God to reveal to you. I am a witness & can testify that He WILL do it. He will strengthen you in greater ways than you can imagine.

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