Blog: 2 Year Anniversary

Earlier this week, while I was scrolling through my notifications on WordPress. I came across the notification that my blog is officially 2 years old!!! 🎉🎉

It is awesome that I was led to create this blog 2 years back from now. When it comes to dates and time, reflecting on what was occurring in my life at that time, is very important to me.

A year prior to become apart of WordPress, I was going through the most difficult time of my life.

At the time, the devil wanted to me think I was LOSING everything and LOSING in life, period!

Little did I know, at that very moment, God was moving on my behalf. Letting me GAIN more than I ever thought I could.

Many thanks to all who are joining me as I continue this lovely ride.



Alyssa, The Ascender ✨

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