He Will Help You : Verse of The Day

Happy Monday Everyone! Monday’s aren’t everyone’s favorite day of the week. Good news is, as we are here, GOD IS TOO!

For any and everything, we must continue to fight the good fight of faith. Looking to our Heavenly Father.. who will work all things out in our favor.

Here is a sweet + simple reminder:

Rest easy while the Lord handles it.

Knowing that God will work everything out for His Children’s good is very comforting to me. The devil wants us to worry about what we can do to fix a situation. When we need to relax and keep the faith that GOD will fix (work it out) for us.

Although I am currently going through an exhausting process to find a house to rent by the end of next month; I know God already has it worked out.

I do not know HOW nor am I concerned about that either.

During the darkest times of my life.

During the time when my closest friend/roommate turned her back on me.

During the times where I felt like an outsider while attending college.

During the times that I pondered to take my life rather than living out the very greatness that God blessed me with…

His loving hand and protection have been efficiently faithful. Constantly ensuring me that better was coming.

And it did.

And it will continue to do so.

As long as I am on this earth, I know the Lord is by my side. Being a shield against the wicked forces that roam the earth.


Food for Thought: Are you undergoing an scenario that is calling you to exercise your faith? Remember the sweet reminder that is within today’s word of the day. ❤️

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