New Year, Same Goals! Time To Start My Foundation

Good Morning everyone!!

This is officially my first post of the YEAR! 2018 has arrived and I am beyond excited for the tremendous amounts of blessings that God is going to douse upon His children. “8” stands for new beginning’s and I truly believe we should all make our wants known to God.. for He will see them through. ✨

A lot of people like to write down a list of New Year’s resolutions that they would like to uphold throughout the year. If you are one of those people, KUDOS TO YOU!!!!

I stopped titling my list as “resolutions” and started calling them “goals” instead. One of my life goals that has carried into 2018 is to get my non-profit organization up and running. I have begun the preparations and it should legally official this Spring!! (Finally!!!!) Whooo hoo!

This blog has been the beckoning point to spread awareness on who The Ascender is and why the foundation has been started in the first place. I want to thank all of my followers on here who have taken out time to read and comment on my previous blog postings. You all are very much appreciated and I thank God for you daily! There’s nothing like having a spiritual family and audience that you can relate and go to.

If any of you have Instagram, please go and follow my foundation’s page. It is called “The Ascender’s Foundation” … I will be continuously posting updates regarding the foundation’s growth and progress in the community. I will make sure to follow you guys back as well!! Just click the icon below:

While you’re reading, what are some of your life goals that you would like to implement this year? Are there goals that you have within your heart but don’t think it’s the right time to start putting them into place? Let me say that, God does not give you a dream to tease you. He gives it to you because it is your purpose! 😊

Have a great day everyone! God Bless. ❤️

10 thoughts on “New Year, Same Goals! Time To Start My Foundation

      1. I think because so many make it a dire word. Like, if we make mistakes it’s just about giving up. Not saying, “Okay, tomorrow is a new day.” Instead, “Well, there’s always next year.”

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  1. I prefer “goals” as well. 🙂 My main goal is to lose weight! Because I’m on two medications that cause weight gain this will be a struggle! But with God I know I can do it!

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  2. I like goals as well. In fact, I did a goals post myself for 2018. This year I enter a new phase of my life with my younger son finishing high school and graduating from our homeschool. Out of the five goals I set, one of them is to get involved with a ministry God is pulling me towards. I also want to start submitting my writing to see where God wants to take me with it. Happy New Year and God bless you!

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    1. Yay to goals!! 😃🙌 Getting into a new ministry is a great goal! I know that God will allow you to enter into a new ministry that is perfect for you. This year will be very prosperous for you and your family! Happy New Year!! God bless as well! ❤️

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