Poem : Waiting by God’s Door

“As time continues to go on,

My Spirit is being more compelled,

To my TRUE Divine calling.

I have been preserved by the grace of God,

To be where I am now.



Now as I analyze my life,

I am at a crossroads that I’ve came to before.

Corporate America.

Slaving for the man.

The system.

Partaking in things that do not help the Kingdom of God.



Consuming parts of the world,

When my Spirit wants to active who I truly am.



Waiting for it to pick up.



Fly…. onto greater.


Divine greatness. One day soon.

Waiting by God’s door…. to open.”

– by TheAscender : written on 11/17:17 ❤️

< em>Inspired by true events of my life. While working for the system, I’d rather be out working for The Lord. Being a missionary. Changing lives. I did not apply for this job or duty. I was called by God to do so. Waiting for His Door of opportunity to open.

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