DIY: Baby Shower Gift

A few weeks ago, one of my oldest and dearest friend’s had her FIRST baby shower!! Coming from someone who loves to partake in DIY crafts, I knew I had to make something extremely unique and special for her daughter Aubree! I instantly remembered that I had some more chalkboard spray paint leftover from a previous project and some spare planks of wood that I found.



To make this simple DIY Chalkboard, you will need:

  1. Chalkboard paint or spray paint
  2. Chalk! (of course) haha
  3. A piece of wood or something with a hard, flat surface.

That’s it!! Best part about chalkboard paint, it is extremely universal. Just make sure the surface that you are spraying it on is smooth and not rigid. I sanded the wood scrap that I had before applying the paint onto it.


With some prayer and determination, it turned out GREAT!!!!! She had a princess theme and I wanted to add a unicorn horn at the end to compliment the theme.


Christmas is coming up!! If you guys want to make something simple but creative, I dare you to try it out. 🙂 Practice makes “perfect”.


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