Aliyah Day : What A Prophetic Birthday! 102717

Yesterday was the last day of October in 2017.  I can say it truly was a fantastic month!!!!! My love for October doesn’t just come from the delightful thoughts of the fair, falling leaves, cool air & pumpkin spice lattes.

It comes from the fact that I was born on the 27th of October (which was last Friday). So, naturally it’s dear to my heart.

My birthday this year, fell on the Israeli holiday called “Aliyah Day” (YomHaAliyah) 🇮🇱. Aliyah in Hebrew means to “ascend / go up“. I am still completely mind blown due to the fact that “The Ascender” is the prophetic name that God gave/revealed to me over two years ago. 

Aliyah Day represents the day that the Israelites entered the promise land with the Ark of the Convenant. (A day full of compromise and fulfillment!!)

As you know prior to this day, Moses and the Israelites escaped from the grip of Pharoh’s hand by the grace of God! Crossing through the Jordan into a new journey of life. Other situations happened afterwards, wondering all around the promise land (40yrs) before actually getting to it. 

So my birthday being on Aliyah Day….. WOW 😮 



As a kid when you think about your birthday, you always wonder what gifts you will be receiving that year. I know that I used to get so obsessive over my birthday, I really had to learn to calm it down. lol

I used to get so crazed about birthday’s…. I even made my parents give me presents on my SISTER’S birthday’s too. 

haha It’s safe to say, I no longer do that nor is my mindset like that. 


NOW … this birthday was surely one of the GREATEST gifts that I could possibly ask for. 

(Best part about it… I didn’t even ask!!)

I believe everything that happens has meaning to it. 

No coincidences.
This prophetic day had three consecutive 7’s within the date on the American and Hebrew calendar:

  • October 27th, 2017 – Turning 25 (2+5=7) : 777
  • 7 Cheshvan 5778 : 777

With 7 being the spiritual representation of completion and finished work… I know there is greatness in the midst of manifestation. 

As some know, I have a true love for nature and the great outdoors. I wanted to spend time within God’s nature on my birthday.

Welp….. weather convinced me otherwise. 

In Texas, it was 34 degrees as the low. Extremely windy and cloudy throughout the entire day! Freezing rain even began to pour out of nowhere. I honestly tried to rebuke the weather so I can do what I intended. 


It was interesting that out of the whole month, MY day so happened to be the coldest day of October. Yet, the next two days were gloriously sunny and radiant. Again, I asked The Lord for understanding of such. 

  • Friday – super cold/cloudy : drastic change
  • Saturday – sunny/warm 
  • Sunday – gloriously warm/sunny : high 80s

It was a subtle reminder to myself that Jesus was crucified on a Friday but joy rolled on through that Sunday! 😊

We all know that Halloween was yesterday. I actually used to celebrate my birthday and Halloween at once. It made it easier to have parties that had “great” turn outs. As I began walking closer with The Lord, I had to re-analyze my intentions of doing such a thing.

  • Does it align with God?
  • Does it please God?
  • Why am I celebrating my birth of a great, bountiful life with the world’s way of celebrating sorcery, witchcraft .. etc?

No matter how much my friends pressed me to combine the two this year, I did not give in. 😇 

What’s for the world, isn’t best for ME

All in all, I had a great birthday month. I got to hang out with the people I love the most. My family bought me a kayak of my own. I got to see another year that was not promised. Thank you God for that! Aliyah Day 2017 will always hold such a precious meaning in my heart and spirit. ❤️❤️❤️

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