Good Morning Readers,


It is the 2nd day of my birthday month. As I woke up this morning, I automatically start to walk out my daily routine of getting ready for work. I so happened to check my twitter account and notice there’s devastating coverage over a mass shooter injuring over 200 innocent people in Las Vegas while they attended a music festival.
My heart goes out to all of the people who are affected by this. I actually go to Las Vegas every year with my family &, I too, often attend music festivals…..
I cannot imagine how terrifying this could have been for them all. I didn’t intend to write a post today but this is heavily on my heart and I cannot shake it.
During this day, please send a prayer up for these people and their families. 
With the topic of gun control, I am surely caught in the middle.


Knowing that this world would start to plummet, I went ahead and got my concealed handgun license as potential protection. I believe it is important for women to be knowledgeable of how to handle a gun. Unfortunately, this world likes to target women and children … so I rather be “prepared” as much as I can.

I also feel like there needs to be deeper background checks when a gun is purchased to eliminate unstable people getting ahold of a fire arm. At the same time, the truth of the matter is…. “bad guys / bad people” will always have easy access to getting ahold of certain fire arms from the streets. A more thorough background screening could potentially eliminate a purchase for people who are harmlessly wanting to own a gun (like myself).
I am not sure….. but SOMETHING has to be in place. All in all, today I will be thinking about those who are now injured/deceased due to an reckless, insane JERK!



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