Devotional: Listen for the Still, Small Voice. 

Good Morning Everyone! Last night I stumbled upon this old excerpt from Joyce Meyer called “Listen for the Still, Small Voice.” She a few pointers on how to listen for The Lords Voice. 

Check it out below! 

“To find peace in our lives, we simply need to obey the promptings God gives us each day. A prompting is a “knowing” deep down on the inside, telling us what to do. First Kings 19:11-12 refers to this knowing as a still, small voice. A prompting isn’t a whack on the head with a hammer!

In 1 Kings, the Lord didn’t use the great and strong wind, the earthquake or fire to prompt Elijah. His voice came to Elijah as a sound of gentle stillness and a still, small voice. A prompting doesn’t even have to be a voice at all. In fact, God often gives direction by speaking to your heart rather than to your ears.

If we’ll simply learn to listen to God and do what He says, we’ll discover that things will go well for us. No matter what the situation, we need to listen to God and obey His voice. You may not understand the reasons that God is asking you to do certain things, but as you listen to His voice and obey His direction, you can experience a peaceful calmness. So listen up!

Prayer Starter: Holy Spirit, help me to listen closely to hear Your promptings every day. I want Your peace, so I will listen to You.” 

Her prayer starter is awesome! There are times where the thoughts in your head are not from God. Those same bad thoughts are not healthy to harp on either. It is best to defer them as soon as they come about. How do you know which are from The Lord? Simply ask the Lord to reveal His truth and wisdom. (And continue to ask!!!) I promise He will do it! 😀

Have a wonderful Wednesday my friends! ❤️

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