Note To Self : GET IT GIRL! 🙌

Starting your day with a positive mindset is truly critical. What you implement into your mind during the first, early hours of your day can really mold/reflect how you will walk out the rest of your day.


If you wake up in dread and anxiety; the actions that you perform will reflect that.

Our thoughts lead to actions which lead to various repercussions that we now have to face due to said actions.

Another element that is not talked about often is: intentions. I believe that our intentions have tremendous power as well. Because intentions reflect the reality of where our hearts lie.


Last night, I decided that I need some work regarding the topic of: self-love. I realized that I do not express as much self-love to myself as I should. My flesh naturally associates self-love to being vain or arrogant. Which is NOT the case. Of course with today’s society, the world will try to make you question not only:

  • Who you are,
  • How you look,
  • What others think about you,
  • Etc….

The list goes on….

We all have unwanted thoughts that come to our minds and we must speak against them. We cannot let them stay or muster within, because it will start to nitpick at you… slowly growing into a serious problem.


Those hurtful and negative thoughts can seriously lead you to depression and death itself IF you let them. The devil would love for us all to drive off a cliff, ending something that is already temporary. (Yes, this world is temporary. It is not our HOME.)


As I am in flesh, along with you guys, I constantly have to remind myself that The Lord needs us to realize the amount of power that we withhold. We have been given the power to move mountains and I declare to remove/move all of the negativity that the devil is trying to mount upon me and my fellow family in Christ.


SO TODAY, I am taking charge and will not settle for any negative thoughts about myself or others around me. I will solely focus on who God created me to be and walking out in His Divine Authority that was given to be by Jesus Christ. This morning I wrote a note to myself stating:

As being a child of the Most High,

  • I am WORTHY!
  • I have blissful access to God’s Divine Authority!! *high fives self* haha

All of that not only sounds powerful, but it is POWERFUL!



Speak positivity into you and your families lives today! You have access to Divine Authority! 🙂

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