Austin :  I Love You!! 

Another post of Alyssa’s great adventures: haha!

In May, my younger sister and I set off to go to Austin for a week. It was a special occasion because my sister was finally turning 21 years old!

21 is always a BIG birthday! I feel like it beckons a new chapter of life.

At this age, you are still trying to figure out who you are and suddenly, the very things that were off limits…are now in hands reach.

I’ve grown up in Dallas my whole life but one city in Texas that holds a special piece of my heart is … AUSTIN!!!!!


I took off from work and told my sister to pack her bags so she could see the side of Austin that I have grown to love so much. It is a place that I “escape” to. It doesn’t feel too far away from home but far enough! lol


An artist that I listen to named Kehlani & an British artist named Ella Mai were performing together the 1st night we were staying. I couldn’t pass the concert up. After 4 hours of driving straight from Dallas, we landed at our hotel in downtown ATX.


It was centralized to everything. 6th street was only 2 blocks away. Which is known by locals as “dirty Austin” for more reasons than I know. lol When I turned 21, my local Austin friends and I would always go down there. They have really good food and of course, 6th street is their hottest bar area.


Any who, the concert was GREAT! One thing that sucked was the fact that it was EXTREMELY crowded and hot in the venue. One person even passed out while the concert was going.

For some reason, the drive down mixed in with the downtown tour that I took my sister on officially caught up to me.

My body was not having it for much longer. By time my legs were about to give out from standing on the concrete floor; the last song was being performed. lol Thank God!

I feel bad because Kehlani actually looked out into the crowd to give a self-love/ positivity talk to her fans. I so happened to be in the middle of the whole crowd. Lights beaming down upon my face of exhaustion. Kehlani looks out into the crowd… directly AT ME! Seeing no enthusiasm at all. She stops the music and tells everyone that we need to uplift/better our attitudes. I instantly felt like crap. As much as I love POSITIVITY.. I was too exhausted to even smile. lol Sorry girl!


The next day, I took my sister out to the Colorado River to kayak. It was my first time actually kayaking and the experience was BLISSFUL! My sister and I stayed out on the river for an hour.


As we start to make way down the river, I noticed there was a hidden entry way on the side of the canal. It was a PERFECT spot to stop and get some shade from the sun for a little bit.

We also brought a few beers to sip on while we relaxed.

It was truly the perfect getaway. The river water was super clear, not smelly nor polluted. Nothing like the water we have around the DFW area.

The picture above is my sister Alex and myself. We went on the other side of the river to take pictures and check out the scenery.


Any time that I travel, I like to look around and really enjoy the nature that God as freely given to us.

So beautiful.


Next up on the adventure, was to check out Austin’s famous graffiti park.


As you guys know, I am very artistic and love to appreciate other people’s work of art as well. It was interesting to see so many different cultures of people come together to enjoy ART!

I wish I brought some spray paint of my own to leave my mark of greatness on the wall. haha


After we left the graffiti park, we ventured out to this natural reserve area. I chose this certain nature reserve because it showed there was a waterfall within the hike that were taking




Side note: we made it to the waterfall and it was pretty much dried up. lol so much for that. Although, the views were spectacular!!! I honestly felt like I was in Colorado again.



On the final day of the adventure, my longest and closest friend who lives in Austin, invited us out to go river tubing 25 mins outside of the city. Her group of 20 friends have had this planned for months and we so happened to be in town on the right day.


Besides the random river rapids that shot me out of my tube, it was really peaceful. lol

I ended up losing a flip flop and my shirt but all in all… this trip made me fall even more in love with Austin!! My sister’s face (in the blue life jacket) pretty much sums up this trip.

I dare everyone to check out Austin one day. It is such a great city. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Austin :  I Love You!! 

    1. The river we floated on was the New Braunfels River right outside of Austin. It was beautiful and refreshing as well!! The food is Austin is extremely authentic. We found a few mom and pop BBQ spots that melted my heart. Salt lick is one that I have tried in the past. Delicious!


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