My Unexpected Morning Message

As usual, I woke up at 5:00am this morning to walk my dog outside.

As I am standing in the abyss of the cool morning nature, I start to take in the still silence that the early atmosphere provides.


Staring deep into the glistening stars above.

They seem to be so far; yet they are closer than the natural eye realize.


Afterwards, I always go back to sleep for an extra hour to get one last chance of rest before my day truly gears up.


Suddenly, I pop up at 7am sharp.


It came around a lot sooner than anticipated. I started to run around my apartment like a mad woman, trying to get ready for work as soon as I could. Lol


In the middle of me scrambling around, something led me to start digging in some old mail that I had for some time now.
As I continued to dig, I noticed that I had an envelope from the Joyce Meyer Ministry waiting to be opened.

 I opened it and this personally written letter read:

Alyssa, Your gift will help save and change lives. On behalf of Dave and Joyce, God bless you.” Dated November 11th, 2016.


This message was unexpected to say the least, but yet it gave me the exact amount of motivation I needed this morning. It truly lifted my spirits.

Why did I wait so long to open it?

I am not sure.

I tend to do that a lot with my mail. (except bills) lol


THIS time, this unexpected envelope was perfectly ordained for me to see it today. I was already intending to post something to reflect my original writings about spiritual gifts; which started the very beginnings of this here blog.


If you guys have time today, check out my backstory here: The Ascender’s Backstory


I will say, it is truly interesting. Later this week, I will start to individually post a series of five posts from my old writings. I want my newly followed readers to see my beginning formations and why I was called to be on WordPress in the first place.


If anything, I pray that all of you have a wonderful Wednesday!

  • Expect the unexpected.
  • Expect to see miracles to be performed in your life.
  • Ask and it SHALL be given to you. 
  • Continue to withhold FAITH + GREAT expectation, because anything is truly possible with God.


If only you knew!



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