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August 2017

Reblog: Charlottesville Wake Up Call — BeautyBeyondBones

Check out BeautyBeyondBones’s blog post called “Charlottesville Wake Up Call” …

It is a deep and sore topic that surely needs to be discussed/acknowledged by all.

I didn’t want to write this post. A topic of this magnitude, and the tragedy that befell our nation on Saturday was something that I cannot find the adequate words to describe. I was asked by numerous readers to write about Saturday’s Charlottesville terrorism, and truthfully, I’m sick to my stomach thinking about the grossly […]

via Charlottesville Wake Up Call — BeautyBeyondBones


Note To Self : GET IT GIRL! 🙌

Starting your day with a positive mindset is truly critical. What you implement into your mind during the first, early hours of your day can really mold/reflect how you will walk out the rest of your day.


If you wake up in dread and anxiety; the actions that you perform will reflect that.

Our thoughts lead to actions which lead to various repercussions that we now have to face due to said actions.

Another element that is not talked about often is: intentions. I believe that our intentions have tremendous power as well. Because intentions reflect the reality of where our hearts lie.


Last night, I decided that I need some work regarding the topic of: self-love. I realized that I do not express as much self-love to myself as I should. My flesh naturally associates self-love to being vain or arrogant. Which is NOT the case. Of course with today’s society, the world will try to make you question not only:

  • Who you are,
  • How you look,
  • What others think about you,
  • Etc….

The list goes on….

We all have unwanted thoughts that come to our minds and we must speak against them. We cannot let them stay or muster within, because it will start to nitpick at you… slowly growing into a serious problem.


Those hurtful and negative thoughts can seriously lead you to depression and death itself IF you let them. The devil would love for us all to drive off a cliff, ending something that is already temporary. (Yes, this world is temporary. It is not our HOME.)


As I am in flesh, along with you guys, I constantly have to remind myself that The Lord needs us to realize the amount of power that we withhold. We have been given the power to move mountains and I declare to remove/move all of the negativity that the devil is trying to mount upon me and my fellow family in Christ.


SO TODAY, I am taking charge and will not settle for any negative thoughts about myself or others around me. I will solely focus on who God created me to be and walking out in His Divine Authority that was given to be by Jesus Christ. This morning I wrote a note to myself stating:

As being a child of the Most High,

  • I am WORTHY!
  • I have blissful access to God’s Divine Authority!! *high fives self* haha

All of that not only sounds powerful, but it is POWERFUL!



Speak positivity into you and your families lives today! You have access to Divine Authority! 🙂

Austin :  I Love You!! 

Another post of Alyssa’s great adventures: haha!

In May, my younger sister and I set off to go to Austin for a week. It was a special occasion because my sister was finally turning 21 years old!

21 is always a BIG birthday! I feel like it beckons a new chapter of life.

At this age, you are still trying to figure out who you are and suddenly, the very things that were off limits…are now in hands reach.

I’ve grown up in Dallas my whole life but one city in Texas that holds a special piece of my heart is … AUSTIN!!!!!


I took off from work and told my sister to pack her bags so she could see the side of Austin that I have grown to love so much. It is a place that I “escape” to. It doesn’t feel too far away from home but far enough! lol


An artist that I listen to named Kehlani & an British artist named Ella Mai were performing together the 1st night we were staying. I couldn’t pass the concert up. After 4 hours of driving straight from Dallas, we landed at our hotel in downtown ATX.


It was centralized to everything. 6th street was only 2 blocks away. Which is known by locals as “dirty Austin” for more reasons than I know. lol When I turned 21, my local Austin friends and I would always go down there. They have really good food and of course, 6th street is their hottest bar area.


Any who, the concert was GREAT! One thing that sucked was the fact that it was EXTREMELY crowded and hot in the venue. One person even passed out while the concert was going.

For some reason, the drive down mixed in with the downtown tour that I took my sister on officially caught up to me.

My body was not having it for much longer. By time my legs were about to give out from standing on the concrete floor; the last song was being performed. lol Thank God!

I feel bad because Kehlani actually looked out into the crowd to give a self-love/ positivity talk to her fans. I so happened to be in the middle of the whole crowd. Lights beaming down upon my face of exhaustion. Kehlani looks out into the crowd… directly AT ME! Seeing no enthusiasm at all. She stops the music and tells everyone that we need to uplift/better our attitudes. I instantly felt like crap. As much as I love POSITIVITY.. I was too exhausted to even smile. lol Sorry girl!


The next day, I took my sister out to the Colorado River to kayak. It was my first time actually kayaking and the experience was BLISSFUL! My sister and I stayed out on the river for an hour.


As we start to make way down the river, I noticed there was a hidden entry way on the side of the canal. It was a PERFECT spot to stop and get some shade from the sun for a little bit.

We also brought a few beers to sip on while we relaxed.

It was truly the perfect getaway. The river water was super clear, not smelly nor polluted. Nothing like the water we have around the DFW area.

The picture above is my sister Alex and myself. We went on the other side of the river to take pictures and check out the scenery.


Any time that I travel, I like to look around and really enjoy the nature that God as freely given to us.

So beautiful.


Next up on the adventure, was to check out Austin’s famous graffiti park.


As you guys know, I am very artistic and love to appreciate other people’s work of art as well. It was interesting to see so many different cultures of people come together to enjoy ART!

I wish I brought some spray paint of my own to leave my mark of greatness on the wall. haha


After we left the graffiti park, we ventured out to this natural reserve area. I chose this certain nature reserve because it showed there was a waterfall within the hike that were taking




Side note: we made it to the waterfall and it was pretty much dried up. lol so much for that. Although, the views were spectacular!!! I honestly felt like I was in Colorado again.



On the final day of the adventure, my longest and closest friend who lives in Austin, invited us out to go river tubing 25 mins outside of the city. Her group of 20 friends have had this planned for months and we so happened to be in town on the right day.


Besides the random river rapids that shot me out of my tube, it was really peaceful. lol

I ended up losing a flip flop and my shirt but all in all… this trip made me fall even more in love with Austin!! My sister’s face (in the blue life jacket) pretty much sums up this trip.

I dare everyone to check out Austin one day. It is such a great city. 🙂

My Unexpected Morning Message

As usual, I woke up at 5:00am this morning to walk my dog outside.

As I am standing in the abyss of the cool morning nature, I start to take in the still silence that the early atmosphere provides.


Staring deep into the glistening stars above.

They seem to be so far; yet they are closer than the natural eye realize.


Afterwards, I always go back to sleep for an extra hour to get one last chance of rest before my day truly gears up.


Suddenly, I pop up at 7am sharp.


It came around a lot sooner than anticipated. I started to run around my apartment like a mad woman, trying to get ready for work as soon as I could. Lol


In the middle of me scrambling around, something led me to start digging in some old mail that I had for some time now.
As I continued to dig, I noticed that I had an envelope from the Joyce Meyer Ministry waiting to be opened.

 I opened it and this personally written letter read:

Alyssa, Your gift will help save and change lives. On behalf of Dave and Joyce, God bless you.” Dated November 11th, 2016.


This message was unexpected to say the least, but yet it gave me the exact amount of motivation I needed this morning. It truly lifted my spirits.

Why did I wait so long to open it?

I am not sure.

I tend to do that a lot with my mail. (except bills) lol


THIS time, this unexpected envelope was perfectly ordained for me to see it today. I was already intending to post something to reflect my original writings about spiritual gifts; which started the very beginnings of this here blog.


If you guys have time today, check out my backstory here: The Ascender’s Backstory


I will say, it is truly interesting. Later this week, I will start to individually post a series of five posts from my old writings. I want my newly followed readers to see my beginning formations and why I was called to be on WordPress in the first place.


If anything, I pray that all of you have a wonderful Wednesday!

  • Expect the unexpected.
  • Expect to see miracles to be performed in your life.
  • Ask and it SHALL be given to you. 
  • Continue to withhold FAITH + GREAT expectation, because anything is truly possible with God.


If only you knew!



Polaroid Sketches

Last week, I challenged myself to draw something new every single day, which I actually fell through with. 😇 I had an old polaroid picture of myself that inspired me even more. I decided to draw all of the portraits inside “polaroids”. There is one more on the canvas that I will be finishing soon. Next, I will be adding more color.



Monday’s Word of The Day <3


“26 Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26


Here we are again folks! Another Monday ahead of us all. I will continue to give God praise and thanks for this beautiful day. It is a lovely, dewy morning here in Texas. Unfortunately, I know there are many who did not get to see the sun come up this morning. For the ones who did, God has chosen us to partake in a new day of grace, blessings and a multitude of  favor.


My new self-challenge for the week is to have communion each day after work, then meditate on the word before doing ANYTHING else. (Of course, my dog may force me to take him outside first, but that’s okay lol). Each time that I participate in this particular challenge, I always gain instant clarity on my current life situations. I become less in tune with the world and focused on the divine One.


I dare you guys to challenge yourself to do something this week and stick to it!


Happy Monday! 🙂

The Right Time To Walk Away

Question of the day: “When is the right time to walk away?

I have been dabbling on this question for months regarding my current job. Not only has there been mental challenges but spiritual challenges as well during my time of being at this company. I am a very level headed individual who evaluates all variables of the situation and analyzes each one before I make any moves.



My first impression of the company was very eye opening. It is a small business that had a total of 8 employees when I started last August. As a back story, I took a year off from working to get more involved in the community and to take initiative on prepping to become a full time missionary.



I had no idea that there was a raging atheist who belittles all human beings that crossed her path, waiting for me as I arrived. What made matters worse, was that the CEO(s) were very much aware of it and thought (still think) it is okay to have someone like that work for them. The same day I walked in that place and ever since; I was ritually told if I wore a “Jesus Loves Me” t-shirt or disclosed anything about Christ, that it would be offensive to “others”.


I didn’t even ask about the religious “rules” and “do not’s” of the company. The vile words that were being spilled upon me were extremely inappropriate and were personally offensive to me. In the same day, I witnessed this dehumanizing person talk down to a younger gentleman telling him that he was retarded, stupid, no good and was basically useless; not only in the job environment but in life altogether. This was not only daily, or weekly, but full time… non-stop. I’ve even witnessed her saying that she understands why parents drown their children. The list of the disgusting things that have been said could go on for days.


I got home that night wondering, “God, what did I get myself into? What type of company am I working for?

I know most corporations have the rule of “no religion in the workplace”. Mind you, this business is a “mom and pop” business. The CEO’s are a married couple who are in their 40s’; who also told me that they grew up in the church. When it comes to small businesses as such, they have the power to make their own rules and violations.



But for some reason if I ever wore a “I (no reference to you) am loved by Christ” shirt/pendant/etc… it would be “offensive”. There was only ONE person who openly disclosed how much they hated my Lord and Savior. This person kept mentioning how a shirt or any Christian paraphernalia would be offensive to her, but never considered that the vile things she said offended others as well. (double standards)

What is also crazIER about the situation is, this said person talks about going to church every other Sunday with her boyfriend. So you can tolerate hearing about Jesus at church but having a shirt that says “He loves ME” offends you?



There is a lot more that has happened over the year that I have been apart of this business. I have witnessed the worst turnover rate ever while working here. The previous people that have left, personally contacted me after the fact, mentioning that they left because of this said person. Over 15 people have left within 6 months of this year. 9 of them were for the same position. That should say A LOT.


You guys… the moral of this post is I became so worn out. Day in and day out, my spirit was being “masked” while being in the office. My energy was depleted. I was becoming someone that God did not make me to be. I let people say horrible things about everything that I stand for. I have never been in a corporation that did not have a legit HR. HR is around for matters just like these and worse.



Over this year, I have personally sat my boss aside letting her know the damage it was doing to me and her company. Each time, my boss told me that she would do something about it and never did. One of the times, she even said that she heard me being verbally abused but did not want to “step on anyone’s toes”.
I know that there are many times that God keeps us somewhere for a reason. If it is to be a witness to someone or be a light altogether… it is for a purpose. I was learning to endure hardship… taking many mental notes. After constantly praying, listening and meditating… I knew it was officially the right time to walk away. I have learned all that I could from this place. Staying any longer would not be healthy. It is like being in an abusive relationship for so long, where you start to believe the lies that “it is all you are worth”.



WELP, yesterday I put my two weeks notice in!! I already feel so much better and relieved. I have enough money saved to cover months ahead for rent. I thank God for the courage to finally break loose. Hallelujah! 

Today, I CHOOSE…

Verse of the Day is from Psalms 46:10. 
Today I CHOOSE to be still and know that my God, is the DIVINE GOD… All-time creator. 

  • My worries, problems and headaches are temporary. 
  • I have divine authority over all things on this earth thanks to Jesus Christ providing such to me. 
  • I will declare and walk each declaration out this week. 
  • Whatever positivity I speak will manifest and be established in the name of Jesus!

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