It is only been two weeks since I was in Florida with my family. Sitting here at work and looking at these gorgeous photos is not helping either. lol My carefree spirit is longing to make that vacation a PERMANENT one. 😉 The picture above consists of my older sister (Kristin) and myself. We were in Destin, FL. Where the clear water and dolphins abide.  If you have not visited this lovely area, PLEASE DO! You will not regret it loves.

We so happened to come across the most skilled sandcastle that I have ever seen!            (In Destin, FL)

The harbor/boat dock area in Destin, FL has a Margaritaville location. I do not indulge a lot but couldn’t help but to try one out! 🙂

We have checked out Pensacola & Destin  before but we were extremely curious to see Panama City Beach. Of course this destination has always been known to have college students take over for Spring Break. One thing that was very different in Panama City was the long piers that they have. I believe this pier was roughly 1500 feet long! As we kept walking further and further out on the pier, the more it looked like we were in the middle of the ocean.

As we were soaking up the sun on the pier, we noticed that there was a dolphin right under us. What a sight to see! They are beautiful creatures!!