Tip of The Day: Pamper Yourself Weekly! 

Taking care of your mind, body and spirit is extremely important. I encourage everyone to take the time out of their to figure out how you can pamper yourself into an relaxing state. 
Drifting away and forgetting about all of the temporary problems that you are currently experiencing. 
The Activities I like to conduct to pamper myself are : 

  • Taking a hot bubble bath : Candles lit with music playing .. The works! (Try using a bath bomb from Lush Cosmetics. They are AMAZING! ) 
  • Facial Masks : Men don’t worry you can use them too. 😊
  •  Waxing my legs : (haha) Yes I consider such “pain” to be relaxing to me 😅😂
  • Kayaking : Another outlet where I personally feel connected to God’s nature. 
  • Drawing : another great outlet that I use 
  • Swimming : Lake or pool. Very relaxing

Think of some ideas that will help to be an outlet for yourself.  Although life does not slow down or stop; we personally have to take out time from our friends, family, and work life to center and recharge ourselves. 
I found an article that goes further into dept of why self-care is important. If you have the time, keep reading. Might find out something new. 🙂

“Not only does relaxing remove or reduce the ill effects of stress, but it generates positive effects of its own. It’s been known for a quite a while that relaxation can produce a lot of great effects on the body, including lowered blood pressure, reduced muscle tension and pain, and improved concentration and mood. Recent studies have looked at the effects of relaxation in more depth, and the results are impressive.

Relaxation triggers a genetic response that leads to improved function at a cellular level in the body. Mitochondria, which are the “batteries that power cells,” become more resilient. Insulin production, which controls energy conversion, is boosted. Telomeres, which protect chromosomes (part of DNA), experience an extended lifespan. It was also found that these changes are more pronounced the longer you practice relaxation techniques, but results become apparent after as little as two months of regular relaxation.

Relaxing self-care activities also trigger the production of the body’s “feel-good” hormones, like serotonin and oxytocin. These hormones are connected to better moods, better sleep, and naturally-occurring pain-relief.
Anything that relaxes you will aid in your self-care.”

Excerpt from PainDoctor.com

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