Sunshine Blogger Award – Nomination :) 



Hello Loves!!!! ❤️

It is Alyssa from  Last month, I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by Kay from 😃 Her blog consist of spreading the great news of the gospel and staying positive about life altogether!!  The wisdom that is illustrated on her blog is truly inspiring! Go check out her blog by clicking here. 😊

The rules to follow for the Sunshine Blogger Award are below:

  • Thank the Blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog;
  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you;
  • Nominate 11 bloggers to receive this award and ask them 11 new questions; and
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your site.

Below are my answers to Kay’s questions.

  1.  Why did you start blogging?I started blogging during the time that I was unemployed. At this time, a lot was being granted in my life which included spiritual gifts and indescribable favor that I had no idea existed. I started to hand write a book to tell my story and thought the blogging world would be another great start!
  2.  What are some of your favorite blogs and why?I love reading blogs that project positivity and encouragement. One of the blogs that I read often is BeautyBeyondBones because she is very relatable considering how this world will love to put you in a box; making you compare yourself to others. When the reality is, we are all different and beautiful regardless of what society says. 
  3.  Tell us a little bit about yourself.I am 24 years old. Something that I never post on my blog is how much of a animal lover I am. 🙂 Most importantly, I love the Lord. I would not be where I am now without him. PERIOD.
  4.  How has blogging changed your life? Ever since I joined the WordPress family, I can say that it has definitely added a lot of positivity and greatness into my life. I love seeing different communities of people get together to share their point of views.
  5. What is most important to you? –  God is most important to me. 🙂 hands down.
  6. If you could go back in time, what is one thing you would change? If I could go back in time, I wouldn’t. I feel as if everything happens for a reason. The situations that I’ve gone through have truly changed/molded me into someone better.
  7. What do you think is the most important thing a blogger can provide for their readers?Insight. Whether it is insight on their lives, thoughts or day to day. It definitely helps the readers connect to you more. 
  8. What have you found to be the most challenging in creating your blog?The most challenging thing when it came to creating my blog was the title. lol The title that I have for my blog is what I would like for my first book.
  9. Describe yourself in three words.Grateful. Inspiring. Determined. 
  10. What are your goals for the next year?By next year, I would love to leave corporate America and begin my journey of a full time missionary. I do not want to do ANYTHING in this life, if it is not helping others for the good of the Kingdom.
  11. What advice would you give a new Blogger?Be yourself! Do not be intimidated. This blog is for YOU and for others to be able to enjoy. 🙂 


  1. What did you originally have in mind when you created your blog?
  2.  What is your favorite part about blogging?
  3. If you could obtain a supernatural power, what would you choose?
  4. What are you most grateful for?
  5. If you could choose to live anywhere in the world for a month, where would you go?
  6. What is your favorite post from your blog? and Why?
  7. Name two other blogs that truly make your day better after reading.
  8. What are 5 fun facts about yourself?
  9. If you had a book, what would you call it and what would it be about?
  10. Do you always put others before yourself? If so, how come?
  11. What is one thing that always cheers you up?



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  4. Let the Light In Blog : Click Here
  5. Pete : Walking in Christ Click Here
  6. Laura Bon : Inspiring The World Click Here
  7. BeautyBeyondBones : Click Here
  8. Celestial : Soul Bare Click Here
  9. Kristin : Journey to a Better You Click Here
  10. April Dawn : Click Here
  11. SoulSista4Christ : Click Here


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