Florida Adventures Pt. 1

For the FIRST TIME EVER, I actually went ziplining. While I was on my family vacation, I thought “Where would be a better place to zipline than the great and adventurous state of Florida?!” What made it even more exciting is the fact that my mom nor my sisters wanted to give it a try with me.



BUT HEY!!! It’s okay, I understand. Heights, standing on raggedy pine wood and flying down line cables aren’t for everyone. As matter of fact, we had a group of 7 people come along this tour. One of the seven was truly afraid of heights and wanted to prove to her daughter and her daughter’s friends that she can face her fears.

(video above of first line on the tour)

I can’t remember how high we were on this first line but, the following lines definitely went higher from there. As this young lady tries to overcome her fears, the wooden pole & plank that we are standing on begins to suddenly shake. She grabs onto the pole with her dear life. 5 minutes later… she climbs back down the ladders ; which was just in time before the tour geared up full speed ahead.

After the first line, there is only one more emergency exit line before you are officially stuck on the tour. So, we go to the 2nd one. Now realizing that her mom is now off the tour and she is stuck with just her friends; the daughter insists that she take the exit line to leave the group.

I give them props for even trying as they did. One thing that sucks is the fact that they couldn’t get their $95ea. refunded for the tour.

As for me, I completed the tour. 🙂 It was a thrilling and authentic experience that I will always think of. I will say, the mosquito’s out there were VICIOUS!!!!! They attacked me with a mean vengeance. Haha. My face and my arms were covered in bites.  (Yay Nature!!!) haha

The last line was over their bigger creek. I can say I truly felt like Tarzan going down this line.

Each pole had a chart of facts about the line that we were about to go down. The final zipline was 65 feet high and 900 feet long. ONE QUESTION: Can I go again?!? 🙂

If you haven’t ziplined before, I would definitely recommend doing it. This weekend, try going out and creating some fun for yourself. Depending on where you live I am sure you can find a spot to kayak, hike or even indoor participate in indoor rock climbing.

Have a great day everyone!!

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