Express Yourself ✨

Over the years, I have learned to channel my energy into being creative someway, somehow. If it’s expressed through drawing, writing, singing or dancing… I always feel great afterwards. 

Even on the most frustrating days of my life, I try not to harp on it. If I don’t channel the negativity  onto something much more positive, I’ll be distracted my all of the toxic vibes that naturally come from this world. 

Lately, I’ve been noticing how I will start a drawing/project then neglect it soon after. 😯 So last week I challenged myself to come up with a freestyle doodle each night. This is what came to mind. 

“Float like a butterfly🦋, sting like a bee🐝” 

“Break free, be care free!”


I also sketched my first femme anatomy drawing within a minute or two. I think a lot of people get offended with the natural anatomy but it is something that we all have in common. We may come from different backgrounds/experiences and have differrent skin tones; BUT we all came into this world naked, as God created us to be. 

As a woman…facing our insecurities about our bodies is extremely important. We have to practice self love. Witholding judgment against ourselves and stop comaring how we were created to others.  Society already tries to force the different views of how we “should” look down our throats. From the brainwashing of magazines, make-up commericials and even reality tv… It is all a scheme in itself. 


This drawing above is a Polaroid from the 90s. It is a photograph of my mother holding me up. I look at this picture and wonder “What all was happening during the time this photo was taken?”

I noticed my mother’s wild-style of a hair choice in the photo. I am sure I had something to do with that. They say the middle children are the biggest handful :p haha

As this photo is still in the making, I’ve been reflecting on how much I appreciate my mom. She is a rock that has always been there for me during the storms of my life. I am not a mother myself but my heart goes out to all of the mothers who feel like their work is going unnoticed. God sees ya working! 

I hope my readers have a great week. God is always moving, let’s see what blessings fall down for the week!!!

Alyssa ❤️

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