With Your Heart, Soul, and Mind ❤️ 

In all that we do; the Lord tells us to love Him with all of our hearts, souls, and minds. Which is said to be the greatest commandment of all. Second greatest that follows is to love our neighbors as we love yourselves. (Matthew 22:37)

As the hours, days and years slip by… We naturally slip into the deep abyss of the world. We stumble upon treacherous road blocks and wall of distractions that sometimes lead us on a “detour”. Coming across…seeking to break through onto the other side of our destiny. Little do we know, those very detours actually take part of molding our character into the wiser being that God wants us to be. 

We learn from those mistakes, lessons, and heartbreaks. It never feels good during the storm but on the other side….God’s radiant sun is still shining. His glissening Holy Spirit shimmers throughout the whole earth (and far beyond), failing to skip a beat. Faithfully looking after us even when we fail to look/seek Him. Knowing such greatness is around, I , myself have to refocus daily. Sitting still and remembering that our God is a MIGHTY God! 

Whatever is troubling you today, let The Lord handle it for you. There is nothing that God cannot fix. We just have to:

  1. continue to stay focused on the joy that the Holy Spirit graciously provides. 
  2. Work on our patience
  3. Be faithful in prayer through it all. (Romans 12:12) ❤️

During the crucial moments of my day, I think about the BLISSFUL moment when we as a family (God’s children) will enter the pearly gates of Heaven. Into the open arms of our Lord and Savior. Surrounded by His splendor and love.

This world will be no more. All of the excruciating memories containing the misfortunes and pains that the fleshly world provides; will be a demolished.

  • Keep a smile on your face. 
  • Pray for those around you. 
  • LOVE those around you.

You never know what they are facing as well. 

Keep your heart, mind and soul focused on the Lord. It WILL work out for your good! 
– Alyssa ❤️

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