Positive Reinforcement: It’s Temporary!!

Lately I have been in a slight slump.😞 We all need a “pick me up” every now and then, so I’m simply writing this post to uplift myself and others!

My mind has been swirling around endless thoughts about WORK, THE WAYS OF THE WORLD, & my surrounding TROUBLES

The tortuous roads of life will continue to tire us down to the fair dust that we are rooted from; if we don’t refocus our mind and energy towards the Lord utilizing all that the Holy Spirit has to offer us. 

There are times where I rather kick and scream… Protesting my whole way to work. Constantly focused on the wrong things which instantly leads to the wrong attitude for the rest of the day. 

I have a difficult time working in a corporation that does not involve in lending a hand to others in need of help. I often think “Does working here help the Kingdom in any way? & Why am I here when I could be traveling and helping the unfortunate?

God reminds me that He will never give us more than we can handle. He surely has me where I am for a reason, but it is only temporary.
If we are going through something, best believe that he will provide everything we need to get by. It isn’t “easy smeezy” nor is it fun. Yet, tribulations seem to refine/mold us into better beings. 

At the end, as we leave the inner claws of the storm you’ll see how God wanted us to develop true character, as well as, steadfast faith from it all.

Once this storm passes, I truly want to look back and be proud of how I handled the situation. I don’t want to murmur and complain the whole time but to obtain break through while having a righteous attitude. 

The Lord has given me a missionary’s spirit. I am positive that I will be able to partake in my true calling in due time. 

Day 1 of 5 of the work week is over with. Let’s see how the rest of the week will be! I like to write scriptures and words of hope on sticky notes to post on my bathroom mirror. It is something I see throughout my day and it helps me to stay positive. I proclaim greatness, you should too! 

I will be reminding myself all week that:





If any of my readers are seeming to stubble along the road as well, keep your head up! Read some devotionals. You are not alone, we will all get through the storm with the gracious help of Jesus. 
Hang in there!!! 


Alyssa ❤️

One thought on “Positive Reinforcement: It’s Temporary!!

  1. hello Alyssa,
    Having grown up in several developing countries in Africa and Asia, I have had this heart’s cry for the needy and less fortunate. No matter their financial, health, emotional and mental need, their need for God and a living hope outweighs everything. I have always wanted to be a missionary “when I grow up”. I would’ve imagined that by now, in my late 20s, I should have long begun such a mission.

    Sometimes, us Christians can get misled, that unless we are in some war torn, poverty stricken place, we are not on a mission field. Whereas Jesus had commissioned his disciples in Matthew 28 that we should go into all the world preaching the good news starting from where the disciples are at, in Jerusalem, then moving outwards into Judah and Samaria, then into the outermost corners of the world.

    We are called to serve God and witness where we are first. From the parable of the talents, I have learned that if we don’t make the most of what we have, and serve God faithfully where we are at the moment, always waiting for something “bigger”, then how can God trust us with a bigger, more challenging assignment?

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