My Journey as an Inspired Artist :) 

When I created this blog, I did it due to the Lord calling me into a whole new life / new journey. Which brought along new talents, visions/dreams and gifts altogether. Including my blog name: The Ascender’s Touch. (Back story post link here: ) Looking back, it’s been a complete two years of this journey and my love for drawing has developed so much. I used to doodle when I was younger but ever since this newfound gift from the Holy Spirit, He has taught me how to grow as an artist.

I used to rush to my sketch pad and start drawing as the Lord revealed more to me each day. 24 hours / 7 days a week. Day or night; the Lord never failed to stop showing me his wonders that are invisible to the natural and naked human eye.

There’s one catch that is completely obvious but WEIRDLY enough hard to accept; is the fact that God is a WAY better artist than I am. lol

I foolishly got frustrated at one point in time, thinking “I might as well not draw anything that the Lord has shown because it would not mask the same beauty“. I, oh so, desperately wanted to reflect God’s artwork on paper to give examples to demonstrate such greatness to fellow believers and non-believers as well.

At the same time, when this all began I was not working full time. (I MISS IT haha). I had so much free time on my hands to express myself through drawing, writing, singing… etc.

Now that I do work back in corporate america nothing sounds better to me than talking to the Lord and drawing after a long, stressful day of work. It continues to give me a newfound joy that is abundantly refreshing!

My current project is this Galaxy Princess;  I started working on her just for fun because it’s a drawing that my soul has been wanting to do for so long. It isn’t from a dream but yet, I feel so connected to it.




I never knew how much time you have to dedicate to detail and shade!! It literally takes HOURS, mixed in with a ton of hand strength. haha! I am not completely finished but she is surely coming together!

Any artist that is looking at this post:



2 thoughts on “My Journey as an Inspired Artist :) 

  1. I really like the pencil sketches. They remind me very much of visions. Nice composition and visual movement! So glad I stumbled across this post!

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