Tonight’s Moment of Gratitude

As I lay down in bed, I can’t shake the horrific images of helpless citizens wondering about in Aleppo, Syria. War has broken out in their country. Unfortunately they aren’t the only country going through the jaws of destruction. As time seems to progress, chaos also seems to be spreading vastly. 

  • Bodies laying in the streets. 
  • Suicide bombers targeting Christian churches in the Middle East. 
  • Sex trafficking. 

The list goes on! Only God knows the truth about what exactly is being taken place in the deep dark corners of the Earth. 

Since I’ve been born and raised in America, I haven’t experienced first hand of the troubles that come along with having a war in my own backyard. By the grace of God, it has yet to happen. 

I look at these pictures, feeling sorrowful as I sit here comfortably in bed meanwhile their lives are being completely turned around. I can’t imagine what it’s like to go through something as such. Regardless of skin color, gender, religion…My heart goes out to all! 

I will continuously pray for peace, favor, and God’s (agape) love to touch their hearts. I pray that Jesus stops the evil doers in their tracks!! Halting such foul action! I encourage you to do the same my friends. For I know the Holy Spirit is faithfully encamped around ALL of us. 

My moment of gratitude collides into a simple thought of :

                 “Wow. That could’ve been me…” 


What are you grateful for today?

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