Taking Chances: Footsteps To The Lake

Oooo ahhh! Can you smell it??? ☺️

 No, I’m not referring to the laundry detergent or my Bath & Body Works candles near by. Lol

I’m actually referring to SPRING; it’s in the air!! ❤️

Yesterday was semi-gloomy day here in Texas but I didn’t let that stop me from exploring God’s phenomenal nature. I could feel the radiance of God’s annoiting in every step that I took. Step by step… Walking closer to the lake side view. 

It’s almost summer I am discovering this new love for lake water. I know that may sound weird (lol) but growing up I was never fond of the idea of jumping into “dirty” lake water. It didn’t sound appealing to me. For example: How many animals make waste in a lake? And How deep are these things? Lol The chance of there being a sign that mentions this on the shoreline is slim to none. 

Back then I was biased of the idea of trying something new & only stuck with chlorine or salt water pools. Each year, all of my friends faithfully went to the lake as soon as the Texas heat came into play. Sadly, during those years I let my mind restrict me from having some extra fun. 

A friend of mine once asked me “You may be alive but are you really living?!”.

That saying tends to pop up in my head from time to time. While we wait for something spontaneous to happen, God wants us to continuously enjoy life. Stop holding your breath. Just relax and press forward. And HEY!, trying new things may come off as awkward at first but it’s all about getting outside your comfort zone. By doing that, it’s when we grow the most. Coming from experience, it is easier said than done but practice makes perfect. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t jump in the lake yesterday BUT I did capture some great photos of this pure white bird flying with grace. How beautiful! It was perfect timing planned by the master himself. 

Anywho, I’ll jump in the lake one of these days. It gets really hot down here in the South so it’ll happen a lot sooner than you think. 😁

Check out this excerpt by Rev. Patrick Kelly discussing the reality of taking chances/risks in life altogether. 

We cannot move forward in life without taking risks and taking chances. We are often faced with situations requiring us to risk much. Persons who serve us as fire fighters, police officers, and military men and women are often required to risk their life. Progress in nearly every aspect of life is impossible without taking chances. 

The future in this reality is always unknown. We might wish for a “sure thing” in our future but we must realize “sure things” in this world are rare. 
However, those of us who are Christians do have a “sure thing.” We have a sure person. We have Christ our Savior who has given us a sure future reaching out into eternity. In Christ, we have a guarantee of His continuous presence with us. When we are faced with risks and we fear outcomes, we must remember Christ will never abandon us or leave us as orphans.”

I agree with the Reverend! Thank you Lord for being our “sure thing”! When we fail, your love never wavers. Your faithfulness is astounding and refreshing! Hallelujah!

Now I dare you guys to try to do something new and  exciting today, even if it doesn’t go as planned. You have to start somewhere! Have a great Friday. ❤️

6 thoughts on “Taking Chances: Footsteps To The Lake

  1. Your photos are beautiful. Some lakes aren’t meant to swim in; they can be pretty slimy! I live in a resort city. We have a large lake that most everyone swims in. We have sandy beaches and places where they keep down the weeds etc. I’m glad we raised our girls here. They had a lot of fun at the lake. It is good sometimes to do things you couldn’t make yourself do before. I tried goat cheese and fell in love with it. Lol

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    1. Thanks!! The pictures turned out a lot better than expected. & YES, I agree. The very idea of touching slime and moss while being in the lake used to gross me out. Lol & wow!! The area you live in sounds like a true blessing! ❤️

      I give you props on the goat cheese! The saying “You’ll never know until you actually try it” is true. 😊 Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!


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