Walking in Wonderland 

My name is Alyssa,not Alice, but at times I sure do feel like I’m chasing a rabbit down a hole at times. Nature is very compelling to me. I find nature to be tremendously relaxing. It’s amazing how the birds of the air have no worries in the world and yet, God still cares for them throughout the seasons. They fly graceful throughout the air and the anointing that God provides. Last year, when God was revealing so much to me, foolishly, I envied those birds. They always look so free and careless about what other people are doing around them.

I too wanted to be free, closing my eyes while soaring up to the high heavens. Oh! What a feeling that would be.

During that time, and even now, the Lord reminded me that he came down here to earth over 2,000 years ago for a reason. To set us free from the world and everything in it.


My flesh tends to forget the deep meaning of the sacrifice that Jesus made for all of us. While walking in Wonderland, Jesus always comes along. You know the saying “I’ll go wherever the wind takes me?” Well, I literally grab my DSLR camera go wherever the Holy Spirit leads me. Most times, it leads to a calm body of water. Since I live in Dallas, that’s usually a lake (unfortunately, there are no oceans near Dallas *sad face*)

For a while, I challenged myself with the “Disciple Challenge”. It was something that I made up & named myself. I would write some encouraging words of wisdom on a card and explain how much Jesus loves all of us.

While walking in Wonderland, I would pray to God to lead me to someone who was in dire need of help. If that meant, they were financially in trouble, needing hope to make it day to day, or struggling to find a sturdy shelter over their heads. Whatever the case was, I asked God to help me be a blessing to anyone that I could. I have found myself even running to give someone, ANYONE, a card! haha

When the Pentecost came about and the Holy Spirit drenched itself over the disciples, they instantly felt the power and need to go spread the gospel upon the nations. BUT first, they went into their own backyards to spread the news.

That story inspires me very much to do the best that I can do lend a hand and spread the good news of the Lord here in Texas.

Do you ever find yourself Walking in Wonderland? Walking without a sole purpose but then finding it eventually?


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