Poem: Jesus Loves Us ❤️

Good Morning everyone!! I pray that you all are doing wonderful this Tuesday morning. I am posting a poem by Desley Finedon called “Jesus Loves Us”. It’s a poem that has made me smile during my time of confusion & despair. Enjoy!


“Jesus loves me this I know,

for the Bible tells me so.”

This is a very special thought:

to young and old it ought be taught.
God’s love was there before our birth, 

even before He made the earth. 

In our mother’s wombs He formed our parts;

knit together body, soul and heart.
He loves as a shepherd loves his sheep;

as a mother when her child weeps. 

He is our Father, saving, caring,

protecting and our burdens bearing.
His love never fails, is always warm, 

giving peace inside when outside’s a storm. 

He is gentle too, patient, kind, 

and with good thoughts fills our minds.
When we know God loves us so, 

we are strengthened to face our foes;

not run away, feeling low,

alone, uncertain how things will go…
For He makes secure, brings hope to life, 

boldness to stand for what is right;

changes us to consider other’s needs:

God’s love is shared through kindly deeds.
Jesus loves us: all may know

what the Bible tells is so.”

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