Today’s Topic: Volunteering 

I haven’t been posting as often as I used to due to my persistence in helping others. “Blessed are those who give than who receive” is what I hear when it comes to volunteering. Since I have been unemployed, I have been trying to dedicate my free time to giving back in the Dallas, TX community. As my heart resides in wanting to help other people in 3rd world countries; there’s countless amounts of people who are in dire need right here in my own “backyard”.


I’ve found a few non-profit organizations to seriously get involved in. One is a group called “Christian Community Action” and the second is an Rape & Crisis Help Center called “Turning Point”. I relate to both organizations very well. There are families who rely on these organizations to get them back on their feet. With the chaos that is going on in this wicked world, people need to be reminded that LOVE & GENEROSITY still exist. 

A lot of people want to get more involved but self-limit their actual capabilities by saying “When this happens, THEN I’ll do ___” ; “When I win a million dollars THEN I’ll do___”
Most people don’t realize the impact they can make RIGHT NOW in this world. The little things do matter the most. While I am waiting for my big breakthrough, I want to touch every life that I come across. When this momentary life is all said and done & we are face to face with God himself… I want to be able to say that I did everything that I could to evangelize & care for his people. I don’t seek self-glory, I seek to help the kingdom of God. 

While some are breezing by each month, there are others who are struggling each second of their lives. My question to you is: Have you thought about giving back in your OWN community? 

Here’s some tips on how to start getting involved: 

  • Sit and analyze where your heart resides & what impact you would like to have on those in need. (EXAMPLE: Does your heart go out to those who are homeless? Does your heart go out to those who are involved in sex trafficking?)
  • Google (our generation’s bestfriend lol) non-profit organizations in your area
  • Start small by giving inspirational cards to strangers. 
  • Make a plan and EXECUTE it. Remember that you can do this!!

Instead of only asking God to change people’s lives, let’s start asking God for his amazing strength to help US change those lives. If we all worked together, we could make a serious impact. Stay Blessed. 

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