Reblog: 2016 is a Year of Jubilee!! 

HEY YOU! Yes, YOU! Did you know that from September 2015 to September 2016 it is the Year of Jubilee? 😄😆 You may be thinking, what does that even mean? Well the post that I have attached down below goes into great detail to answer that very question & more! Educate yourselves on the historical meaning of blood moons and what they symbolize to God and his children. The year is not over yet, so much is in store for you and me! Let’s claim and restore ourselves! Check out this awesome post!! ☺️


“(Please read Leviticus 25:8-22.  I used the NIV to prepare these remarks.) 

Message – God commanded a Year of Jubilee as a special Sabbath. We can do this in our own way. What the Year of Jubilee meant to Israel. It meant freedom for indentured servants with the forgiveness of debts (39-43).  God did not […]”


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