My Trip To Kansas City, MO ❤️

For the last week, I have not been posting as much due to my preparations to going on my trip to Missouri. You may ask, “What is in Missouri??” Well, one of my ex-coworkers and good friend moved from Texas back to her home state. 

My other friend, Caitlin, and I thought it would be a wonderful idea to visit her one weekend. As the months went by, our destined weekend became closer and closer. Our flight left last Thursday. 

  When it comes to packing, I always overpack. I’m not a extreme fashion guru but I love to have options. Haha. I knew the one thing I wanted to try in Kansas City was their BBQ. Even though I am from Texas, I heard their BBQ is scrumptious. We tried this mom & pop restaurant called “Joes”. I had this brisket and sausage BBQ sandwich called “Hog Heaven”. One word: AMAZING!!!! 

In the afternoon last Friday, we ended up visiting their city aquarium. My friends and I are all around animal lovers. My favorite sea animal at the aquarium was the sea turtle. I have a 7 year old red ear slider turtle at home so turtles are dear to my heart. This sea turtle so happened to have a missing flipper in the front. 😦 very unfortunate.  Although it had a disability, it seemed to move around pretty easily in the tank. 


The Jellyfish the exhibit was fascinating as well. I truly admire the creatures that God has made on this earth. Each species is unique and different from one another. It’s amazing how animals seems to be so carefree. They don’t pay bills & they don’t withhold the same responsibilities that us humans have; Yet they seem to make it by. It makes me ponder on the love that Christ has for his people. We live hectic and busy lifestyles but his love is never ending. 

God sent his only begotten son down to earth to die for all of us. He cares for us THAT much. Much more than our minds can ever comprehend. If that isn’t love, I don’t know what else is. ❤️ 

Before we left on Sunday, our friend took us to another historic restaurant that resides in K.C.  I believe it was called “Cupini’s“! I can say it was the best Italian restaurant I have EVER been to. The whole menu was prepped from scratch & trust me, you could surely taste the difference.  They had pictures posted on the walls of “Guy” from the Food Network visiting their restaurant. He has phenomenal taste. Lol

  I highly recommend stopping by and visiting  the restaurant if you are in that area!!!

All in all, I had a great time with my friends! It was a new experience since the only part of M.O. I have visited was St. Louis. I hope everyone has been doing great over the past week as well. Each day is a new day filled with grace and mercy. Stay blessed my friends!



Alyssa ❤️

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