Believe The Best About People

This is a subject that I, myself, constantly work on day and night. Although I am young, I have been through many circumstances with other people. I used to have this cold-hearted attitude where I wouldn’t give anyone a bit of my time if they weren’t “worthy” of it. It’s interesting how the Lord dedicates HIS time for us even though we are not necessarily worthy. His everlasting and gracious Holy Spirit is available to us 24/7, 365 days a year.

I’ve learned to try my absolute best to think the best about my enemies. The Lord personally tells us to bless our enemies and those who curse us. By forgiving those who have hurt us, we can now live our lives free from any bondage or burden that they may have caused. Check out what Mrs. Joyce Meyer has to say about this topic!

“Believing the best about people is very helpful in the process of forgiving people who hurt or offend us. As human beings, we tend to be suspicious of others and we often get hurt due to our own imaginations. It is possible to believe someone hurt you on purpose when the truth is they were not even aware they did anything at all, and never intended to upset you.

I can remember, during the early years of our marriage, focusing on everything I considered negative about Dave and ignoring his positive traits. My thoughts went something like this: We just don’t agree about anything. Dave is so stubborn, and he has to be right all the time. He is insensitive, and he just doesn’t care how I feel. He never thinks of anyone but himself. In reality, none of these thoughts were true!

They only existed in my own mind; and my wrong thinking caused a great deal of offense and disagreement that could have been easily avoided had my mindset been more positive. Over time, as I grew in my relationship with God, I learned the power of believing the best about people and meditating on the things that were good. As that happened, my thinking sounded like this: Dave is usually very easy to get along with; he has his areas of stubbornness, but then so do I. Dave loves me and would never hurt my feelings on purpose. Dave is very protective of me and always makes sure I am taken care of. At first, I had to think these things on purpose, but now I actually feel uncomfortable when I think negative thoughts, and positive thoughts come more naturally because I have disciplined myself to think them.

There are still times when people hurt my feelings, but then I remember that I can choose whether to be hurt or to “get over it.” I can believe the best or I can believe the worst, so why not believe the best and enjoy my day? Trust in Him!

Answer this: Do you believe the best about people? Is there someone in particular whom you need to believe the best? Trust God to help you meditate on the best of all people until positive thoughts come naturally.”

By Joyce Meyer, “Trusting day by day” Devotional


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