Don’t Worry, Be Happy! 



Doesn’t this delicious raspberry tart look tasty?! Candy and sweets seem to put a smile on everyone’s face every now & then. If only we stayed focused on God’s word and his promises for us, maybe we all could learn to constantly keep that smile. This is a short excerpt about worrying and how to your attitude can send the devil running. Take a look! 

“Worrying does us absolutely no good. It doesn’t change one thing, and we waste time by being upset over stuff we can’t do anything about, things only God can change. 

The Bible says we can’t even add one inch to our height by worrying. Yet, we worry, worry, worry, which gets us nowhere. 

Every time we get really upset, it takes a lot of emotional energy, tires us out, messes with our health, steals our joy, and still doesn’t change one thing. We need to stop trying to fix things that only God can fix because the only one who’s clapping is the devil, saying, “Ha, ha, ha! Got ’em again!” 

Jesus tells us to “calm down” in John 14:27 and”cheer up” in John 16:33. I think it’s a one-two knockout punch to the devil when we do. When you realize you can’t fix everything, that calms you down, and when You know that God can, it cheers you up! So don’t worry. Instead, calm down, cheer up, and send the devil running! 

Prayer Starter: Lord, my worrying really doesn’t accomplish anything, so I leave it behind. I’m so thankful that You can fix what I can’t. You calm me down and cheer me up!”

You are half way through the work week! Let’s finish this week on an amazing note!! You can do it! Don’t worry, Be happy! There is plenty of word to go around! ❤️

“How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!” Psalm 119:103 NIV

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