Miracles From Heaven- Personal Review! ❤️

Earlier this afternoon my family and I went to the movies to see “Miracles From Heaven”. For those who have not see the trailer, let me sum it up for you. ❤️

This movie is about a young girl who suddenly becomes extremely ill with a bowel syndrome disorder. Her intestines were not properly able to break down the food that she consumed. After going to countless amounts of doctors, they realize none of the doctors can help the young girl. After months of treatment, she comes home from the doctor and climbs a tree with her older sister. As they are relaxing on one of the tree limbs, it suddenly starts to break. The older sister tells the younger sister to try to climb onto a more secured part of the tree. So she did. Once she gets ahold to the secured part, the hollow tree breaks in and she falls 30 feet. While it takes 3 hours for the firefighters to retrieve her from inside of the historic tree; She makes an unexpected journey to heaven. 

I can personally say that I really enjoyed the movie. I think the world constantly needs fresh reminders of how GREAT our God is. Miracles happen every second!! I have been a witness to many of them. We as human beings are naturally blind to the miracles that God unleashes from the spiritual realms down to earth.  Our eyes are very limited but God is still working behind the scenes. If you continue to practice strong faith, I am certain your life will turn around for the better. As I have stated in my previous posts, God knows he is the ruler of all. The miracle worker. The star maker. He can do anything and everything in a blink of an eye. We must keep in mind how powerful and loving he is. Stay true to his word, your life is in amazing hands. 

I encourage all of you to go watch the movie. It’s a simple reminder of hope & what faith can do. Have a good night!! 😄

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