Friday Devotional- Form New Habits


Good Morning God’s children. Here we are again… Another lovely Friday! My week has been wonderful. It is spring break and I have been spending time with my family members. Family time is always a treat. During this week, I have been mediating on this devotional by Joyce Meyer for a few days. Take a look! Maybe it will intrigue you as well. 

“God’s Word teaches us that when we receive Christ as our Savior and Lord, He gives us a new nature. He gives us His nature. He also gives us a spirit of discipline and self-control, which is vital in allowing us to choose the ways of our new nature. He gives us a sound mind (see 2 Timothy 1:7), and that means we can think about things properly without being controlled by emotion. The way we once were passes away, and we have all the equipment we need for a brand-new way of behaving. God gives us the ability and offers to help us, but we are not puppets and God will not manipulate us. 

We must choose spirit over flesh and right over wrong. Our renewed spirits will then control our souls and bodies or, to say it another way, the inner person will control the outer person.

Without God’s help we have difficulty doing things in moderation. We frequently eat too much, spend too much money, have too much entertainment, and talk too much. We are excessive in our actions because we behave emotionally. And after the thing is done and cannot be undone, we regret doing it. But we can choose to form new habits, not doing something just because we feel like it but instead doing what will produce the best result in the end.

We do not have to live in regret. God gives us His Spirit to enable us to make right and wise choices. He urges us, guides and leads us, but we still have to cast the deciding vote. If you have been casting the wrong vote, all you need to do is change your vote. Forming new habits will require making a decision to not do what you feel like doing unless it agrees with God’s will.

                              Trust in Him

God wants you to live out of your new nature, not your old one. Every time you put your trust in Him and cast the deciding vote to obey, His Spirit transforms you and makes you more like Him.”

I pray that you are able to say NO to your flesh and YES to the Spirit of God. Forming new habits is a work in progress. Trust me, I try to make sure my everyday thoughts align with his word. Changing your old ways and mindset may be difficult at first. While walking daily with God, you will notice it getting easier. Thank goodness his mercies are new every day. He is always willing to help us in our time of need! Hang in there today. The weekend is here. Enjoy!!! 🙂 

2 thoughts on “Friday Devotional- Form New Habits

  1. Thanks for this. This grace of God builds us up in many ways, including via prayer, Bible study, and fellowship. The grace of God also works the death of Jesus in us (2 Cor. 10-11) which is the Cross. The degree to which we receive THAT discipline of the Holy Spirit is the degree to which we consecrate ourselves to Christ. Please join me in praying that we members of this glorious Body of Christ truly consecrate ourselves to Him for His purpose. 😊

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