Peace, Be Still


Good Morning! I wanted to post something encouraging before you start your day. I noticed how much better my day is when I begin it with God’s word. This is an excerpt from the Joyce Meyer devotional that I have been studying. Since we are all human beings, our fleshly feelings try to get the best of us. Our feelings tend to change like the waves of the sea. Calm one moment then rowdy the next. Here is a fresh reminder of how we can control those feelings by the second. 

Title: Follow God’s Wisdom, Not Your Own Feelings 

“Life is no fun when we let our feelings run the show. Feelings change from day to day, hour to hour, even moment to moment. They often lie to us. In short, we cannot trust our feelings. 

But we can choose, as Christ followers, to ignore false emotions and live by truth and wisdom. Let me give you some examples. Perhaps you have found yourself in a crowd of people and felt as though everyone was talking about you. That doesn’t mean they were. Maybe you feel that nobody understands you, but that doesn’t mean they don’t. You may feel misunderstood, unappreciated or even mistreated, but that doesn’t mean you are. 

These are only feelings. We need to be mature, disciplined, Holy Spirit-controlled people, determined to walk in the Spirit. It takes a constant act of the will to choose to do things God’s way rather than our way.

Even though we may feel occasionally bombarded by negative emotions, we cannot allow those feelings to control and spoil life. Instead, we can choose to follow the truth-godly wisdom, knowledge and understanding. 

Prayer Starter: God, my feelings often go against Your wisdom and try to deceive me, but I won’t let them run my life. Guide me with Your truth so that I can stay connected to You, and not be run by my constantly changing emotions.”

I pray that all of you continue to have perfect peace in your life. Make the best of your day!! Good day beautiful people. 

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